No other words for it: Tudor bliss!

I know that many of you have enjoyed living vicariously through me via my daily diary entries for the Discover the Tudors tour, so I thought I’d share some of my highlights in this video that I did for the Tudor Society this week.

I truly am blessed that I get to visit such wonderful historical places and in the company of other Tudor history enthusiasts, and people who’ve become good friends. If you saw my Facebook Live videos from Kenilworth Castle on the Tudor Society page you’ll know what a good time I was having, even on a very blustery day, and how moved I get by historical places. To then share those feelings with others and find that they understand… Tudor bliss!

Tim really couldn’t shut me up once he started videoing me! There were just so many highlights!

Bookings are open for the 2019 Anne Boleyn Experience and Executed Queens tours so if you want to join me in this Tudor bliss then you can book your place now. Simply go to

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11 thoughts on “No other words for it: Tudor bliss!”
  1. Thank you so much Claire for sharing that video of your tour experience. Your descriptions are so vivid I really imagine being there. You mentioned when you lived near Stratford there were things in your own back yard you never went to see. I think it’s like that for most people no matter where they live.

  2. Your enthusiasm shines through Claire and I’m glad you was well enough to do these tours after the problems you had with your eyesight, also that the weather wasn’t too much of a hindrance, your description of the tempting meals you had made my mouth water, especially when you mentioned the cream teas! When we think of November and what a damp chilly month it can be its hard to imagine a Tudor lady or queen going out on a walk and sitting under a tree to read a book, but we have to remember the heavy gowns with layers that high born women wore in those days which would have helped to keep the frost at bay and Elizabeth no doubt would have been well wrapped up in furs so she would have been quite warm, the ghost stories you mentioned about Hampton Court are fascinating, Sybil Penn Edward V1’s old nurse is said to haunt one of the rooms and the sound of her spinning can be heard behind a closed door, she has also been seen in the pub opposite maybe she gets fed up with the spinning and prefers a pint some nights, one I was there some lady was dressed up as Sybil and she was chatting about Henrys queens, among them the sad tale of Catherine Howard, the video was most interesting and I must add you have a very clear speaking voice Claire it’s a pleasure to listen to well done.

    1. Thank you, Christine. I’ve had a summer of health issues so I was very relieved that they cleared up in time for the tour – phew!
      It really was bad enough standing under that oak tree on a blustery day in November, and with the Tudor period being in a mini ice age it must have been freezing in November. However, it is possible that she wanted a bit of fresh air as a break from being cooped up in the palace, or even that she was riding in the park and had paused for a while under the tree. It’s a lovely story, anyway.
      Yes, I’d heard about Sybil Penn and I think Jane Seymour is also said to haunt the palace. Lots of ghosts!

  3. Thanks for sharing your pictures and videos and I echo Christine glad you are much better to do this fantastic tour. The photos are beautiful and these jewels of Tudor England have been shared wonderfully with us. Many thanks.

  4. Dear Claire, if a hero is a person admired for having done something very brave, then for your sister/fellow IBS sufferers, you are such a one for not just going on a tour but actually leading it, giving a talk at the end of a rather full day, participating in it fully for all those days – wow Claire, that’s one big Tudor tour de force!

    1. Hi Globerose,
      Aw, thank you!
      My IBS actually behaved itself during the tour, which was good news. I was a bit worried about going as I’d been suffering from vertigo in the lead-up to it, but fortunately, that disappeared before I left – phew! I’d love to actually know what sets off my IBS, I’m sure it must be a particular food but 28 years after being told I have it I’m really none the wiser. Do you know what causes yours?
      It was an amazing tour and I’m very blessed to be able to do these tours.

  5. Hi Claire and Globerose, my nephew and a friend of mine both suffer from IBS and their doctors told them it’s stress related, certainly with my friend who suffers from emotional stress her IBS causes her a lot of discomfort for days on end, my nephew developed it after his dad’s death when he had a lot of worry having to sort out his debts and so forth, he’s better now but cannot drink fizzy drinks and certain foods, we were very worried because he had lost a lot of weight but he’s put on some which is a good thing, having read both your posts I had to mention that, I hope you don’t mind it certainly is a mysterious illness and seems to be a 21st c one, maybe at one time you both had a lot a worry which could have brought it on, but then it could just be where over time the body reacts to certain foods just like one can develop allergy’s, I was diagnosed with hayfever after suffering from monthly colds for some years, I had no idea I thought I had a weak immune system, I did not realise it was just hayfever symptons, anyway I’m glad it did not stop you going on your wonderful tours, and we have had a lot of pleasure following you on your journeys.

  6. Oh Christine, sadly my IBS has become a self-defeating prophecy and when I read about Claire’s traffic jam, I was imagining all sorts of horrid consequences for her, none of which happened, of course, and she went on to have the most amazing time. You really do have to be brave in this very short life we have: trying above all to maintain a positive attitude to tough stuff and disabilities. Claire gives us a stalwart role model, a real ‘can do’ vibe, and that’s pretty amazing, don’t you think?
    Thanks for your post. Appreciated.

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