Medieval courseI’m excited to share news of this new online medieval history course which is now available at and which is twenty-module course written by historian and author Toni Mount and narrated by Claire Ridgway (me!). What’s great about this course is that it is online and can be done at your own pace, so no worrying about attending classes at a certain time or missing lectures. Simply download the lectures and listen/read when it’s convenient, or listen online with streaming.

Here’s the blurb:

We always hear about medieval kings, queens and nobility, yet we rarely get to hear about the normal everyday people of the times. In this twenty-part course, historian Toni Mount outlines the daily routines and specialisms that various types of people had in the medieval era. Delving deep into her research on the subject and using primary sources, Toni has uncovered the names of specific, real people and uses records of their lives to give us an insight into what it was really like to live in the medieval world.

Carefully and lovingly narrated by Claire Ridgway, you’ll discover that life was more fun, more vivid and more difficult than you could possibly have imagined.

What was it like to live in the medieval era?

  • To be a wool merchant at a time when England was growing rich on the wool trade?
  • To be a farmer’s wife fitting in an immense number of tasks between dawn and dusk?
  • To live by “the rule” in a medieval convent?
  • To be an archer at the famous Battle of Agincourt? ……..

Through using the examples of real men and women from the period, along with financial records, recipes, legal cases, manuscripts, accounts and descriptions, Toni Mount has been able to build up detailed pictures of what life was like for many different members of medieval society.

The course includes nearly 10 hours of audio (both streaming and downloadable mp3 files), downloadable PDF transcripts of each lecture, end of unit quizzes, bibliography and further reading list, and end of course certificate.

Toni has done a fantastic job with this course, it really does bring the medieval period to life and I loved narrating her lessons – I learned so much! Many of you will know Toni from her books The Medieval Housewife & Other Women of the Middle Ages, Dragon’s Blood & Willow Bark: The Mysteries of Medieval Medicine, Everyday Life in Medieval London, and Richard III King of Controversy.

The usual price is $99 for lifetime access to the course but there is a special Christmas discount meaning that you pay just $49.50 if you buy it before 31st December 2015. There are also gift certificates available if you want to buy it as a gift for someone. Click here to go to the course website right now. There will be more courses coming in the New Year.

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