Monarch: Henry VIII DVD Competition

Monarch DVD1To celebrate the release of the remastered version of his film Monarch, writer and director John Walsh is offering three copies of the DVD to three lucky Anne Boleyn Files followers. Here are more details about the film…

Monarch is part fact, part fiction and unfolds around one night when the injured ruler arrives at a manor house closed for the season. Henry is without the power and control of his palace and is vulnerable from those around him, and from his own sanity. Henry left England financially and morally bankrupt; his collection of enemies his only constant. Even today there is a question mark surrounding his burial and possible exhumation. TP McKenna plays Henry; after starring alongside Richard Burton’s Henry VIII in the epic Anne of a Thousand Days, Charge of the Light Brigade, Straw Dogs; and with Jean Marsh (Upstairs Downstairs, Willow and Fatherland) playing an amalgamation of his ex-wives. Monarch unfolds on one night in the year of Henry’s death, 1547.

The film has been painstaking remastered from the original 35mm colour camera negative which was recently discovered in a film vault after nearly 20 years and is now presented in full High Definition for the first time. From double BAFTA nominated Writer & Director, John Walsh.
DVD Extras:

  • Monarch Memories – cast and crew look back at the shoot
  • Restoring a King – The restoration process with before and after comparisons
  • Unseen TP McKenna on set interview from 1996

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is comment below by midnight Friday 11th July (GMT) saying who you think is the best Henry VIII actor and why. Three winners will be picked at random and the results shared in the comments section and on Facebook on Monday 14th July. The prize is a region free DVD, which can be played on any DVD player worldwide, and John is happy to post worldwide.

See for more information on the film.

Henry VIII Monarch

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255 thoughts on “Monarch: Henry VIII DVD Competition”
    1. This is an easy one for me. Keith Michell all the way! Seeing this larger than life character come to life on the tv when I was around 8 years old, started a life-long fascination of the Tudors and English history. This huge man terrified me and I remember thinking “Who is he, why did he do these things, why didn’t people stand up to him?”. I wanted to go back in time, feel the atmosphere, hear the conversations and find the answers to questions of Tudor life(and still do!!). Thanks to Keith and his powerful interpretation of our intriguing King Harry.

    2. Keith Michell…he was just believable. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was entertaining but too far-removed from what we know historically about the King.

  1. My Favorite Henry the VIII was “Keith Mitchell” in 6 wives of Henry VIII,I watched this as a teenager and from then on loved the Era of the Tudors….and my i say was a long time ago..but started my love affair with History

  2. Oh Gosh, I hope I can express myself in English (reading and listening is easier than writing for me)
    For me, Ray Winstone is the best Henry VIII , I saw for the first time the tender and vulnerable side in the character of the king , and not only the brutal side as usually shown to much in movies.
    Since this performance, I am become increasingly interested in the figure of Henry VIII and I want to know everything about him, his wives, and also everything about the time in which he lived.
    So I’m really really grateful to this actor that I got a wonderful passionate hobby now because of his performance in a series and I collect everything I can lay my hands on so I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy like to have this dvd as you all can imagine I think.

    1. PS: And offcourse I really would like to have this DVD because like almost everything about the Tudors, this dvd is not released in the Netherlands 🙁 (as usual)

  3. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, I loved the way he acted. Although he is not the best physically to interpret Henry VIII, he did it really well.

  4. I really like Keith Mitchell in the Six Wives of Henry VIII. The role he played really came close to what I think the monarch Henry was.

  5. I don’t know TP McKenna but I do know that I am passionate about the Tudor period. Living in South Africa I don’t have access to a lot of Tudor history as I would like so I would be honored and over the moon to own and view this DVD.

  6. Ray Winstone is the best actor for Henry VIII as he is the one who looks most like Henry VIII.

  7. Although he doesn’t look like King Henry VIII, I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers played the role well in The Tudors. 🙂

  8. I think Richard Burton played the part of Henry VIII perfectly! I loved him in Anne of the Thousand Days. I think he really brought him to life and nailed what we know of his personality.

  9. I definitely enjoyed Keith Michell as the role of Henry VIII. The physical similarity spot on. While he masterfully captured the essence of a youthful and handsome Henry during his prime, he also managed to capture the no so glamorous ugly side of his latter years. His character was not overly romanticized nor was it overly villainized & for those reasons I found this rendition to be the most believable and fair.

  10. Have to say for looks wise Ray Winston but not the accent! Richard burton has got the kind of voice I expected Henry to have. Love to see this DVD though x

  11. I think Jonathan Rhys Myers from The Tudors portrayed the best Henry, even better than Burton who had previously been my favorite. Rhys Myers truly captured the essence of Henry and finally brought him into true three dimensional reality. We see Great Harry and Henry the tyrant, sometimes within seconds and we see more, we see Henry the Man with hurts, pains and yes feelings. He showed us the human within the legend.

  12. Ray Winstone. He has that perfect volatility balanced with a real vulnerable humanity-the way I always picture King Henry. Plus, he fits the bill physically, also.

  13. Keith Mitchell in The Six Wives of Henry VIII. He just has the energy that says “Henry VIII” to me.

  14. Definitely Ray Winstone – he got the attitude and the physical appearance right and didnz’t shy away from Henry’s coarser side eg his weight. Henry’s physique was such an integral part of who he was, it’s hard to portray him well without it. Also Ray was able to get the bloke-iness or Henry across eg when he was conning Robert Aske (played by Sean Bean) – he did this really well.

  15. Para me Jonathan Rhys Myers nao possui o físico e a altura de Henry, apesar de ter captado sua essência muito bem. Richard Burton foi excelente como Henry, mas não era alto como o rei e creio não muito semelhante. Keith Mitchell foi impressionante fisicamente e fez excelente Henry VIII. E Ray Winstone capturou o caráter do Rei e conseguiu convencer muito bem!!!!
    I prefer Ray Winstone!

  16. To me it’s Robert Shaw in A Man For All Seasons, he played him magnificently, He was tall imposing and fair, which is what King Henry was unlike Jonathan Rey’s Mayers who is dark and thin and Richard Burton’s who was dark also, Robert Shaw had a glint in his eye and seemed to display the charisma he was said to have had, also he displayed the ferocious temper and appeared truly terrifying which the king was to many of his subjects, to me he was undoubtably the best Henry V111

  17. Hi

    Definitely Keith Mitchell who played Henry Viii twice both on film and as the tv series. As an actor he was able to play Henry from the ‘noble king’ of his youth through to his tyrannical years later. Also his portrayal was an excellent prerequisite for the BBC’s next Tudor period drame Elizabeth I with the unforgettable Glenda Jackson. Brilliant.

  18. Keith Michell. My first crush and the man who started me on my love of all things Tudor England.

  19. My favorite has always been Kieth Michell as King Henry VIII (BBC TV Series – 1972)
    He carried King Henry from youth to old age wonderfully well. BBC always does an outstanding job.

  20. I agree with the historian Suzannah Lipscomb who says that Keith Mitchell was the best Henry VIII. Mitchell shows Henry’s vulnerable side but also his divine right to rule as a despot king.
    I think that JRM and Natalie Dormer really portrayed the passion of Henry and Anne’s relationship incredibly well.

    1. It was the Stuarts who believed in The Divine Right Of Kings. Henry was a devoutly religious king and received the title Defender of the Faith from the Pope because of the literature he wrote upholding the power of the Catholic Church. Also, he was no more of a despot that any other English (or, indeed, any) monarch of the time. Hope this helps to clarify. BTW I loved JRM & ND too.

  21. Keith Michell was my first Henry, and the one I remember the most. It was The Six Wives of Henry VIII with him as Henry I watched so many years ago. That began my love of the Tudors, and especially Anne Boleyn. I liked other Henrys…Richard Burton is my second favorite, but to me Mr. Michell will always be Henry VIII.

  22. For me, JRM…..he was so amazing as Henry although he didn’t look like him at all….he is really a very talented actor. I also loved Keith Mitchell….I remember watching him as a young girl and thus started my fascination with this time period. Why are so many of us drawn to Henry and his wives??? For me, finding out I am related to Henry….he is my second cousin 13x removed. So maybe some of the others in this forum are related too?

    1. Don’t know how old you are but I’m guessing that whatever it is, the relationship you give between you and Henry is not very likely. It is generally taken that a generation is 25 years, or maybe you could stretch it to 30 years, although women in earlier centuries than ours tended to give birth when they were young. Henry VIII’s mother was a young teen. So, 13x removed between Henry’s death and you would suggest that you had to be born sometime between 1872 and 1937. My rough calculations are somewhat upheld by ‘The Tudors’ site which states that the relationship between Elizabeth I (obviously born later than her father!) and Elizabeth II (now in her late 80s so I’m guessing born before you) is 1st cousins 14x removed. Don’t know who told you how you are related but I think you should get them to check their findings.

  23. Richard Burton in Anne of the Thousand Days, hands down. He captured Henry VIII’s powerful presence perfectly.

  24. Ray Winstone, played the best Henry VIII, his look, as well as his energy did the best job of bringing Henry VIII to life on film.

  25. At this point in my education, it is Jonathan Rhys Meyers, but only because watching “The Tudors” opened me up to SO MUCH MORE British history. “The Tudors” made it interesting & understandable. And started me on an expansion of my learning of British history. Loving this list – actors to look up to add their movies to my movie list! Thank you!

  26. Ray Winstone probably resembled him the most in his later years, with the right amount of anger and aggression I would expect.

  27. Charles Laughton has to be the one….. I remember watching Young Bess as a child and to this day that is the movie that started my interest in both Henry VIII and Elizabeth I ….. Nearly every book I read about Henry VIII I can see Charles Laughton.. I belive he also played Henry VIII in another movie too….

  28. I think that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the better portrayal of Henry VIII
    Henry was not always the portly man that is often portrayed, he was not prepared for kingship and made mistakes, he was young and widely popular, extremely well educated and a good husband for many years.

    Thank you for the opportunity of entering your competition

  29. Robert Shaw perfectly captures Henry’s dangerously quixotic personality: laughing boisterously one moment, full of warmth and generosity, then–when he’s crossed–turning lethally cold. His role in A Man For All Seasons is small, but he holds the screen every moment he’s onscreen.

  30. Without a shadow of a doubt, Ray Winstone. His portrayal of Henry as sexy (revered in his youth for his looks) attentive, affectionate, ruthless, vain, petty, was totally credible. Even his accent was a master stroke, as he would not have had the kind of accent we consider ‘posh’ nowadays. Henry VIII was a man of many sides and Ray Winstone’s portrayal made me for the first time see Henry not only as a monster, but as a man in love, like any other, vulnerable even, but also as the complex character he undoubtedly was.

    1. You’re so right, I thought Ray Winstone did a fabulous job as Henry.
      Wondering how you feel about Helena bonham-carter as Anne ?
      I loved that series and for me it’s up there as one of my favourites but for me there was something missing in her portrayal as Anne.

  31. I’d have to agree with others here who grew up watching Keith Michell – although Burton and Ray Winstone definitely brought depth to their portrayals. Michell inspired my life-long Tudor studies and made it easy to pick a thesis for my graduation last year. I would love to see this film, and will do so even if I am not lucky enough to win!

    1. Same for me too, that sent an elementary school girl on her lifetime obsession with Tudor History!

  32. I love Keith Michell in the Six Wives of Henry VIII! Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Ray Winstone are right up there too!

    1. Same for me too, that sent an elementary school girl on her lifetime obsession with Tudor History! His performace set me on My fascination with Anne Boleyn!

  33. I do love Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry, but I would have to say the best King Henry VIII was Richard Burton. He struck the perfect balance between charming and frightful! He was so imposing to watch on screen and I think he did a magnificent job.

  34. I had doubts about Jonathan Ryes going into the Tudors series on Showtime but he ROCKED young Henry as a compelling combination of bravado, bluster and self-doubt!

  35. For me, it’s got to Ray Winstone. He portrayed the temper, and emotions befitting of such a multifaceted and complex personality!

  36. John Stride who played Henry VIII in the BBC Shakespeare collection is the best. You see him in love with Katherine of Aragon until he meets Anne Boleyn. Also the love he shows baby Elizabeth to begin with. I love Shakespeare version of Henry VIII.

  37. Keith Mitchell’s portrayal was the first one I saw, and I can still picture many of his scenes. It was his portrayal that made me want to find out more about Henry VIII and his six wives, and I’ve now gained an obsession that my husband rolls his eyes at every time the subject comes up. I don’t mind. At least I have a passion 🙂

  38. I will always love Richard Burton’s portrayal….that magnificent voice and commanding a room with his very presence!

  39. For me Ray winstone, he came across so authentic as Henry and although all the other ones with Jonathan Rhys Myers and Richard Burton were brilliant and entertaining, they were in some parts historically incorrect, though I still lilke to watch them again ang again. But Ray Winston is my winner.

  40. Keith Michell is for me, the ultimate Henry VIII – He looked the part, sounded the part, he was fantastic.

  41. If I were being sensible, and judging on acting alone, I’d say Keith Michelle. But I have to be honest and say it was Ray Winston. Was gobsmacked when he was cast as Henry but actually, he did a really good job! He seemed to get the personality right, the sudden flashes of rage, the anger towards Anne. Just perfect.

  42. I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers but my favourite Henry has to be Ray Winstone without a doubt.. He is just the character personified, very authentic and completely believable.

  43. For star quality it has to be Richard Burton with his incredible voice – but for pure eye candy I would say Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Have not seen this version though so I may change my mind!

  44. Charles Laughto n in the 1933 film “The Private Life of Henry VIII
    Richard Burton In ‘Anne of 1000 Days”

  45. I truly hope I haven’t seen the best Henry VIII yet… Someone who could combine the best of Laughton, Shaw, Mitchell, and Rhys Myers. BUT the man who pops into my mind when I think of Henry will always be my first – Richard Burton.

    The passion – both in loving and in hating – the royal aplomb that seemed as natural as breathing, the tortured man who felt cursed, the cold calculation in his eyes the would suddenly pop into a seemingly friendly conversation. With Maxwell Anderson’s words, Burton grasped all the facets of Henry’s persona with skill and vibrancy I haven’t yet seen matched.

  46. Keith Mitchel (Six Wives of Henry VIII) is by far the BEST. He matched not only physcally, but his acting was superb. If you haven’t seen this series, you should, he leaves that faker from The Tudors in the dust.

  47. To me the best I have seen is Ray Winstone in the TV series “Henry VIII”. To me he looked the part and definitely made me feel the transition from one of the most popular princes or Kings in Europe to the obese paranoid King he was in his last days. He, in my opinion, truly captured that declive in a believable yet magnificent way.

  48. Has to be Keith Michell (although watched Horrible Histories the other day and the guy who played Henry VIII was awesome and funny haha). The way he aged, from looking great as the young energetic Henry before becoming the old huge Henry. He doesn’t even look like the same guy.. Except when you look close and suddenly it’s ‘wow that really is him’. No one can beat him, he will always be my favourite 🙂 him and the Catherine of Aragon in the same series he was in 🙂 one of the few to actually get how she looks right xD

  49. For me, Keith Michell has got to be THE definitve Henry VIII. Not only did he look like I imagine Henry looked but he brought the king to life beautifully. And of course he performed the role so many times, not only in the “Six Wives of Henry VIII” series and the similarly named “Henry VIII and His Six Wives” film but also in the series The Prince and the Pauper and an episode of Elizabeth R (starring Glenda Jackson). Please can I have a bonus point for being the first person to spell Keith Michell right ha ha! 😉

  50. Only Ray Winstone and Keith Mitchell were able to encompass the petty-nasty side with the big-hearted-charismatic side. Burton, though a great actor, is too deep and known-to-himself to play the piggy monster side; he’s too great an actor, in some ways, his personality is too deep, and so we don’t get to see the pathological in his Henry. I bet Rex Harrison was excellent onstage in it; his inherent self-love (eg., in “My Fair Lady”) would’ve served Henry-the-self-justifier well. The gorgeous Rhys Meyers was fine but that characterization was just wrongly written. And Laughton’s broad music-hall turn was excellent of its kind.
    I think I give it to Winstone, not only for his athletic size, his excellent chemistry with the Anne (Bonham-Carter) and his great good fortune in the Howard of Emily Blunt, but because I believed in his obsession with a boy-child, I believed him as he grew into a conscienceless tyrant, and, most of all, I believed in his political charisma. England seems to have always loved him and honored his heirs out of their love for him. Just as US Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W Bush remained popular almost throughout their reigns, despite the lies and horrors we all knew or later learned they were committing along the way, they had what Henry seems to have had, a bluff, hearty, good-old-boy self-confidence, which made it possible for him to switch policies, juggle legally lethal varieties of religious ideas, kill those policy-makers and wives who’s been so close and dear, and yet still come up with a broad acceptable smile for his public. Winstone had that, the dopey-smiley-clever-vengeful-righteous-sociopath-cad who nevertheless managed to have his countrymen hail him as their beloved liege lord, no matter what.

  51. Keith Michelle Is the first actor I saw portray Henry viii and he still fascinates and terrifies me to this day!

  52. Keith Michell……..The acting was superb, taking him from a young man in love with his wife Katherine, through the years of disappointment of not having a son. His obsession with Anne Boleyn and his cruelty to his first wife, his acting was superb, and in my opinion came closest to a King who started off as full of desire to be the perfect King for his people, and unfortunately became a cruel despot. Amazing Acting.

  53. Keith michell. I have fond memories of watching him play Henry when I was a child, my mother would explain who was who, and i think that was the start of my life long love of tudor history. Keith michell is the actor that i think best conveys what i believe to be the bearing of the real henry viii

  54. Ray Winstone, definitely, and Keith Michell…a tie. And am I the only person who never finished The Tudors because I couldn’t stomach Rhys Meyers as Henry?

  55. Robert Bolt from “A Man for All Seasons”. He had the energy, passion and cruelty that I imagine Henry had.

    1. Robert Bolt wrote the play. Robert Shaw played Henry. Simple mistake, and you’re right – Robert Shaw was pretty good but was totally out-acted by the monumental Paul Scofield as More.

  56. From the Henry VIII portrayals I have seen, it is really hard to choose between Richard Burton and Robert Shaw. They both had such perfect voices and mesmerizing screen presence. I loved the innocence played so well by Genevive Bujol. I guess if I have to choose——-I pick Burton. From all the other comments, I am very interested in finding copies of the Mitchell and Winstone films to add to my collection and would dearly love receiving one of your prizes of the McKenna movie.

    Claire, are you going to restart you tours? Please????????

  57. Oh, I love ALL of the Henrys–it’s hard to pick a favorite as each director and actor was trying to reveal something different about his character. Keith Michell was the first Henry I fell in love with in my teenage years. Richard Burton was a bit of a buffoon, oblivious to what his behavior looked like to the court and so easily duped by those around him. Ray Winstone was superb (although I can’t say the same for all of his co-stars). As others have mentioned, he portrayed perfectly Henry’s mercurial nature. As for Jonathan Rhys Myers–we, you know, Henry was considered rather a hot dude in his earlier years. Notice that I’m skipping Charles Laughton, whose Henry was just a caricature pandering to the worst myths and stereotypes

  58. Jonathan rhys meyers…… mainly because he is insanely hot! But because I think his portrayal of young henry was really good. The huge fat, stinking tyrant is the image that springs to mind when we think of henry, so a focus on him as the young, tall and athletic henry makes a refreshing (and rather kind on the eye *swoon*) change 🙂

  59. I thought Keith Mitchell was absolutely brilliant in the 1970 BBC Series. Took a while but finally found it and bought on DVD

  60. It is hard for me to name a favorite. I love them all. Each one brings his own talent to make a great Henry. I just love every Tudor movie or TV show. Yes – I am a Tudoraholic:O)

  61. For me Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the one. He may not be a red-head or not as tall as Henry was, but he captured his spirit perfectly. This look in his eyes when he was angry said it all! The majestic one, too! He is a great actor and IMO the best Henry VIII!

  62. Johnathan Rhys Meyers as the young Henry. He had that look of determination and the athletic body that Henry must have had as a younger man!

  63. Richard Burton. He was perfect. He was my first ‘encounter’ with Henry when I was kid and just left me wanting to know more.

  64. If you had had Jonathan Rhys Meyers able to morph into Charles Laughlin’s body by the end of the series, that would have been pretty darn close to perfect for me.

  65. Johnathan Rhys Meyers for sure, especially in the early years when Henry was said to be the most handsome king

  66. I am very excited to see this movie, whether I win the DVD or not.

    Keith Michell and Charles Laughton (a distant cousin, by the way) are my two favorite Henrys. I felt Richard Burton over-acted a tad.

    What I am very interested in seeing is Jean Marsh portraying “the wives”. She is a gifted actress and should deliver a fine and believable performance.

    Yep, definitely looking forward to seeing this movie.

  67. Sadly, I have not seen many of the films regarding Henry VIII. I am looking to change that asap! (Books, I have read tons, however!!) I did see the Tudors, but I am not certain regarding JRM’s portrayal. He was so…..young and thin! LOL! Nonetheless, though it was nowhere NEAR accurate, it was a fun portrayal.

  68. Johnathan Rhys Meyers for me was the best Henry. Most actors portrayed Henry later in his life and madness but Jon was able to show Henry in his prime, athletic, competitive, sensual penacle. That Henry is the one that sticks in my mind with Richard Burton a close second.

  69. Keith Mitchell for overall portrayal of the character, but Richard Burton for the arrogance and presence of the man.

  70. So looking forward to Damien Lewis as Henry Viii in the forthcoming ‘Wolf Hall’ – a real ginger Henry for a change!

  71. I think Robert Shaw in a Man for All Seasons did a great job portraying him. I’ve never seen any other of his work so it was easy to imagine him as king. I loved and understood the attitude he played.

  72. Each portrayal of any historical figure reflects more the age in which it is produced than it does the actual personality. To dismiss Charles Laughton’s portrayal is to forget the times in which he was working, the demands to reflect popular conceptions of Henry, and the limitations of the movie industry. He stands out in the film as a true and accomplished actor and there are far more fundamental inaccuracies in the film than his one-dimensional Henry. The point I wish to make is – Charles Laughton set the bar for all subsequent portrayals of the towering, powerful, dictatorial, romantic, heartless, doubting personality that we recognise as ‘Henry VIII’. And so, I choose him, not because I didn’t prefer Burton (the voice and charisma, as well as being of Welsh ancestry, like Henry), Keith Michell (cruelty oozing from every pore), Ray Winstone (hail-fellow-well-met blokiness tempered with chilling heartlessness) JRM (pretty + sexy), and so on. CL threw down the gauntlet – all the others have grasped it and run with it as will many, many in the future. As for my love of the era, I can’t even remember when it began. I began my fascination with Henry around 14-15 years old. 7 years later when I married I wore a dress and headdress based on the one worn by Anne in Anne of 1000 days and my husband’s gift to me was a copper etching of Henry. I am now 63 and my hero-worship of Henry & Anne may have mellowed but it has not waned.

  73. Richard Burton, Richard Burton and Richard Burton. While all the other actors that have been mentioned here were excellent as well, Burton was the one who-in my opinion-did the best job of conveying both Henry’s irascibility and vulnerability.

  74. I loved Richard Burton in Anne of the Thousand Days. He was full of charisma just like the real Henry I’m.

  75. I have to say the best Henry VIII I’ve ever seen is Richard Burton in Anne of A Thousand Days. He captured the mercurial nature of the man, the kingliness as well as the humanity. He could make Henry almost sympathetic even at the very end, though he also showed the innate cruelty of the man. He was awesome!

  76. Richard Burton, in Anne of a Thousand Days, he bought the role of Henry VIII alive for me and drew me into the film, he had so much life and charisma as I would like to think the real Henry had.

  77. I believe Jonathan Rhys Meyers was able to convey the charn, charisma, and sex appeal that the real Henry VIII would have had. I feel that Jonathan Rhys Meyers even did a great job transforming his body for an older Henry. I would even go as far as to say Henry VIII himself would probably prefer Jonathan seeing as he was picky with the way he was painted in his later years.

  78. Richard Burton. he was the best because he did have a certain chemistry with his co star. he brought the passion and emotion that other films lacked. in my opinion. he was the best Henry VIII

  79. My favourite film ever is ‘Anne of the Thousand Days’ which i first saw when I was a young teen – many moons ago! Ever after I can only ever imagine Richard Burton as Henry and Genevieve Bujold as Anne Boleyn. I felt they had such chemistry. I have the film on dvd and often wonder how many more times I will be able to watch it before I wear it out!

    However, I agree with others that Keith Michell played both the young and the old Henry brilliantly! His ageing was a gradual process and at the end he looked just as I imagined Henry would. That is the one thing that spoiled The Tudors for me. I was so thrilled when I heard about it and all the rave reviews it had got – I bought the boxed set. ( I live in Greece so never got to see it on tv.) I think JRM’s acting was superb as the young Henry, but as the series progressed he hardly aged at all and his character to me at least, became less believable. He just wasn’t the Henry of my imagination! By the time he married Katherine Howard I thought he was already obsese and unsighly – JRM certainly wasn’t!! Apart from the ulcer on his leg that is!

    I love Ray Winstone as an actor, but in his role as Henry I felt his accent and way of speaking just didn’t hit the spot. If I closed my eyes when he was speaking I could only picture him as a modern day villian-type that he usually plays!

    So after due consideration, I have to go back to my teenage favourite and say Richard Burton (with Keith Michell a close second) I know it’s not relevant here but if I had to choose a favourite ‘Anne Boleyn’ it would have to be Genevieve Bujold – she certainly had the right Anglo-French mix which I think Anne may well have had.

    Would love to compare my favourites to this remastered (new to me) film.

  80. Loved Keith Mitchell in the BBC mini series. He had the full range of emotions which Henry must have showed in his lifetime dealing with the politics and the women. That series started my interest in the Tudors.

  81. All of the actors seem to do a reasonable job of representing King Henry VIII who by the way is my wife’s 13th Great Grandfather.

  82. I reckon Keith Michell made an excellent portrayal of Henry VIII, in all aspects of the role, he showed every side of Henry VIII ( 1970- The six wives of Henry VIII )

  83. Richard Burton is my favourite Henry.
    Although, Jonathan Rhys Meyers was good.
    Burton’s Henry was hot, passionate and just plain good.

  84. Keith Michell . the first Henry I saw. he played him from young man to death . I was riveted by his performance Because it was originally different programmes about each wife I think it allowed him to act the part with more depth.

  85. Richard Burton, for sure. He had the right mix of all the brightness and charisma of a king, yet also showed how that same king could abuse his power when it suited him. His relationships with both Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn were totally believable.
    Above all else, Henry VIII wanted his male heir so all of his actions, especially breaking with the Roman Catholic Church, were to gain the son he needed to secure the future monarchy of England. I thought Richard Burton portrayed this aspect of Henry VIII very well indeed.

    Thanks for reading!

  86. Ray Winstone for me- he was how I viewed HVIII from the portraits. No one knows what they sounded like, but going on looks and acting, he is Henry to me…

  87. I adore Johnathon Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII on the Tudors. Superb acting, which ignited alot of interest again in the Tudor history.

  88. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (though he didn’t wear the fat suit) had the best Henry VIII attitude, in my opinion. Richard Burton was really good too.

  89. Keith Mitchell’s portrayal of King Henry the VIII was amazing. Watching him grow from a young handsome King to an old obese tyrant was magical and it was hard to even imagine that it was the same actor. Definitely the best of all!

  90. Keith Michell is my definitive Henry VIII. His performance changes to adapt to the changes in his character as he ages. From handsome young prince to ageing tyrant, but still keeping a sense of the real man with all his human frailties and vanities. Despite his monstrous behaviour, you still feel pity for Henry the man. JRM was a cartoon Henry, nowhere in the same league

  91. For me it has to be Ray Winston. His portrayal of Henry Viii was outstanding as he brought the man to life ..showing all sides of his character as we know it from history. One moment he could be sweet and caring ,then at the flick of a switch turn into a cruel tyrant who would have his way and no one would dare gain say him . I loved his advancements towards Catherine Howard..showing his vulnerability in his love for her and his betrayal by her.All in all …I think Ray was a well rounded Henry.

  92. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the best Henry VIII actor. Although he is the only actor that I’ve seen portray the King, I loved the intensity of his performance!

  93. Keith Mitchell from Six Wives of Henry VIII. He was able to show Henry from his handsome youthful marriage to Katherine on to the gross, overweight man he became. His portrayal epitomized for me the real Henry in all ways. Now when I think of Henry VIII I always picture him as he appeared through the years in that series.

  94. Jonathan Rhys Meyers absolutely. His acting was so superb. While he might not have been the best likeness in physical appearance, I think he captured the attitude and demeanor of Henry VIII extremely well. His portrayal of Henry’s mood swings and his temper, to me seemed most the way Henry may have truly been. And of course, who didn’t love looking at the handsome Jonathan – which really, while perhaps not the way Henry looked was certainly an accurate portrayal of how Henry was viewed in his younger days. Strong, handsome, virile. JRM definitely for me.

  95. I am so glad that other people agree that Ray Winstone is the best Henry the VIIIth. He was the only actor to have ever played him that not only had the build, but the right, coloring for the part. And could he can really pull off the part, from being extremely gentle too getting in a high temper just as Henry the 8th as described.
    I never thought he ever got enough credit for that role (or some of his others, for that matter), and wish he had done more period pieces.

    I hope to win…I think this is the only movie about king Henry VIII that I do not have! I even have the old silent movie of Anna Boleyn starring Emil Jannings. It is said that all characterizations of Henry VIII were based on his performance

  96. Keith Mitchell was my first Henry VIII and my favorite. Richard Burton is a close second. Keith made Henry human. We saw him laugh,cry and ,of course,be angry. My home is full of tudor books,movies,figurines and even Christmas ornaments! I feel I deserve one of these DVD ‘s because I can’t get one being in the USA. I’ve been obsessed for 40 years!

  97. I have loved most but Jonathan Rhys Meyers stood out for me. Not the best physical interpretation but he is a great actor and portrayed Henry well I thought.

  98. Being a Tudor enthusiast, I have seen many films about Henry VIII, and the only actor who ever made me feel like I know and understand him as a person, was Johnathan Rhys Meyers in The Tudors Showtime series. I think that is a sign of a great actor, when they are portraying a person, and it leaves the viewer feeling like they know who this person is, and they understand them. Even though I don’t agree with all Henry did, I have a better grip on why he did the things he did.

  99. Ray Winstone- He fits that gruffness and boldness I associate with Henry. Also, he has the look with his complexion, frame and face it folks….he just resembles Henry VIII!

  100. For me it was a toss up between Keith Michell and Richard Burton. I am going to have to go with Richard Burton, though, as he is one of my all time favorite actors. He did a magnificent job of portraying Henry in Anne of the Thousand Days, and played a very virile, egotistical and most believable Henry!

  101. To me Keith Mitchell represented Henry Vlll most plausibly, whilst an absolute despot exercising absolute power but in all that I felt that he was fighting against dynamics that controlled him, so his life ultimately terminated in stress, disappointment and frusttration.

  102. I loved Richard Burton’s performance in Anne of a Thousand Days! Although Ray Winstone’s Henry was great too!! Just love the Tudors!! 🙂

  103. I think Richard Burton was a fantastic Henry VIII in the movie Anne of the Thousand Days. This MAY have been the reason I became so interested in the entire history of England. If an actor and/or movie can influence a person to want to learn more about a specific subject, then THAT is an excellent thing. Now I can only hope that I win!! 🙂

  104. I really think that Jonathan Rhys Meyers did an excellent job. Perhaps because it was a series, he had the opportunity to really develop the life of Henry VIII, plus excellent writing. I think through the series, the audience got a much greater in depth look at his life and life at court.

  105. While every woman would swoon over “Jonathan Rhys Meyers”, it’s hard to choose a favorite actor. They each did a brilliant job portraying different aspects of either Henry’s character, temper, or spirit. I believe “Jonathan Rhys Meyers” carried himself well in his demeanor as a young Henry VIII. “Ray Winstone” captured the temper and empowering presence of Henry VIII during the time with Anne Boleyn. “Keith Mitchell” did a wonderful job of allowing people to believe in him as Henry VIII. To understand him as a person not just a king. “Richard Burton” did a great all around job of being Henry VIII. Capturing his mood swings and instability while dealing with the inner torment he struggled with up to the death of Anne Boleyn. “Eric Bana” from “The Other Boleyn Girl” was a huge disappointment almost as much as the movie its self was. He failed to capture the essence of Henry VIII.
    I guess it’s hard to choose a favorite due to the different types of movies through the years. If I HAD to choose one, I would choose Jonathan Rhys Meyers. While he didn’t nail everything that would of made him a perfect Henry VIII, we were at least able to see him act Henry’s full life story through all the wives. We were able to watch the transgression of his lifestyle, mood swings, and compassion up until the end of his life. No i’m not saying they got it all right! But it was nice to at least see more than just the story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

  106. Keith Mitchell or Robert Shaw. Followed by Ray Winstone and Richard Burton. I could not find Jonathan Rhys Meyers convincing, especially as Henry aged. The Tudors ignored his physical changes like they did accuracy in costuming and events of the era.

  107. Jonathon Rhys Meyers, i think he played Henry very well in The Tudors. I was never interested in the English history until i started watching The Tudors.

  108. Keith Michell, I think, although I also liked Robert Shaw and Ray Winstone captured the latent menace and ruthlessness of the man.

  109. Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the Tudors helped me become fascinated in Tudor history, ii haven’t been able to get enough since. It has been hard to choose as have seen many actors play Henry since and all are amazing actors and have their own merits when playing such an important figure in Our history.

  110. In choosing Richard Burton, or Robert Shaw, or Keith Mitchell, you would need to go back to the older days of television. Sound effects, costuming, lighting, other actors & actresses in the movie, ALL add to the actual portrayal of a certain character. I find the older movies a bit drab & boring, I’m sorry to say. And also, many of these films were so old as to be in black & white. Added to Jonathan Rhys Meyers pretty accurate (as far as we can even know) portrayal of Henry VIII, are the elaborate settings, beautiful, beautiful costumes, other actors and actresses, you have a brilliant, fascinating “idea” of what life must have been like during his reign. Anything in black and white, while adding possibly more authenticity, also takes away an element of high excitement and intrigue, in a way. So, I have to say that Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ presentation of Henry VIII was quite remarkable. Yes, he indeed had all of those things going for him in this age of television and movie production. But he pulled it off very, very admirably.

  111. It is so hard to choose the best actor for the part of Henry Vlll. Keith Mitchell and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers were brilliant. They both captured the essence of Henry, and as I have said were brilliant. But for me it has to be Ray Winstone, he was how I would imagine Henry to be. I think it was the menacing glint in his eyes. I would have been very afraid in his presence!

  112. I like Jonathan Rhys Meyers, but he did not look much like the older Henry. He acting was good though. For the older Henry I pick Andy Rashleigh from the PBS series. I picked Andy Rashleigh because he looked more like the older Henry. I have not seen the PBS series for a long time so I do not remember if Andy was as good an actor as Jonathan .

  113. Oh what a quandary. Loved Richard Burton. He was so effortless in the role. He embodied the passion Henry felt for Anne. However Keith Mitchell seemed to revel in the part. Both were great and for a what you now call a “tween” I was hooked!

  114. Let put in a vote for Charles Laughton Theprivate life of Henry the VIII and again in Young Bess He fit the part

  115. I think that an actor’s greatness is not in looking exactly like an historical figure that they play but instead making us believe that they are that character, despite looks. So my favourite actor, whom I am watching right now, is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He started off as the gallant, young king and then transformed into the larger than life figure that we all know.

  116. My favorite is Keith Michell. He gave us Henry from a young man to the old sick king. He even wore a fat suit. Great that the DVD can be played anywhere.

  117. So many wonderful actors to choose from – and some not so wonderful. After reading everyone’s views, and deliberating for quite a while, I would have to give Richard Burton my vote. Why? (you may ask).He bore no physical resemblance to the Henry who has been depicted in portrait, written and painted, most assuredly lacked the physique, and was probably not even the right age. And, of course, he could never fully disguise his Welsh accent. In spite of all that ( in my opinion) Richard Burton characterized the historical Henry with absolute perfection.His innate personal power, charisma and downright sexiness must have been traits shared by Henry – how else would he have gotten away with the astounding feat of convincing a whole nation to secede from the Church of Rome? And why else would so many women(and also their families) have been so eager to be chosen to share the bed of the King, even in full knowledge of his terrible temper, capriciousness and well-known infidelities? And even at the risk of their heads? The man must have exerted extraordinary influence over people that was way beyond his regal standing; history tells us that ‘inconvenient’ kings could always be done away with and another more suitable replacement raised to the kingship. ASs a young person, I could never understand how Henry got away with so many abuses, nor why women still vied for his favour. Burton’s charismatic portrayal of him finally gave me some clues. I would so like to win this DVD as it is an historical article in itself-so I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  118. I have watched many movies and television portrayal’s of Henry VIII, from Charles Laughton to JRM. All, in my opinion, very well done but the man who stands out in my mind is Keith Michell. He made me believe he WAS Henry VIII, King of England. He was handsome, strong and fearless in his youth and slowly you saw him turn to mean and malicious as he aged. I found myself watching him having a crush on young Henry and as time progressed, I was becoming afraid of the older man. This Henry made me start to read about the Tudor dynasty that has lasted to today.
    Richard Burton comes in second for his looking like Henry and how his presence made me take notice of him. But JRM did a wonderful job as well.

  119. Johnathan Ryes. He brought so much energy to the role and loved the internal battle raging within

  120. I think Jonathan Rhya Myers from the Todors,
    I think he played a good Henry, wh saw the good side and the bad side of Henry in the later years as he played Heny.
    I just love him The Tudors.

  121. Undoubtedly, Richard Burton. His acting talents unequivocally displayed Henry ‘s aggression, pashion, stupidity, arrogance, commitment to the crown and, not least ,brutality.

  122. Its hard to say. I think Jonathan Ryes and Richard Burton are close. But I think Burton put it over the top. His acting was a lot better. Also He made me feel like he was the real Henry the VIII. Ryes was a man acting….. that is it.

  123. I found Jonathan Rhys Meyers to be the most intriguing even after having recently watched all the others again. I actually rather liked the fact that Henry’s obesity was not a part of The Tudors. I found it refreshing.

  124. I’ll take a cross of the appearance of Keith Michell, the voice and the acting abilities of Richard Burton, with the smoulder sexiness of Jonathan Rhys Meyers!

  125. For me my favourite portrayal of Henry was Ray winstone,
    Not the most popular but I felt he played him spot on and did a fantastic job of ageing him throughout his reign.
    All the actors have brought something different to the role and I guess it’s all about playing him true to what Henry means to that perticular actor.

    1. Even though I prefer Keith Mitchell, I loved Winstone’s Henry VIII. Pity the story was lacking. WInstone’s version of Henry VIII and his wives had the best Anne Boleyn too.

  126. My favorite potrayal is Charles Laughton in “Private Life of Henry VIII”
    He’s hilarious. I could watch this movie over and over.

  127. I think Keith Michell in the series ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’ is my favourite, as he portrays Henry both at a younger age and also in old age.

  128. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was such a hunk and loved him in the Tudors, but I think Richard Burton, with his great depth of acting has to beat him hands down as a better Henry VIII. Along with Genevieve Bujold, they made a great team.Her speech sent shivers down my spine, when I first heard it and it still does!” And remember this: Elizabeth shall be a greater queen than any king of yours! “

  129. Once you have seen KEITH MICHELL as HENRY VIII, you know you have seen the best!
    KEITH MICHELL plays HENRY VIII to perfection right from the young athletic man to the ageing, obese, sore-riddled tyrant that he was.

    After viewing KEITH MICHELL’s superb portrayal of HENRY VIII, you are left with the feeling of an intimate knowledge of HENRY VIII and of course his many wives.

      1. The make-up department did a fantastic job in the ageing department didn’t they, when you consider it was 1970 and didn’t have all the stuff available today in filming for ‘altering’ someone’s appearance. It must have been VERY uncomfortable for Keith Michell to wear, and taken an age to apply…and get off.
        plus the costumes were so well done too, all made out of, junk jewellery, cheap materials that were painted/stencilled, I have a book on the production of this series.

  130. I have to vote for Jonathan Rhys Meyers from the Tudors. Henry is usually portrayed as the untouchable king but Meyers showed us that Henry was an athlete, a musician, a warrior, a religious leader, a tender side, the pains of a parent, an artist, a visionary, a dreamer, a playboy and a lover, a heathen And a sinner and a remorseful man in the end. He showed us a side of Henry I’m sure he showed to very few but made him real to his audience. As much as you loved him, you hated him too.

  131. Even after all of these years, no one has topped Keith Mitchell as Henry VIII. His portrayal of Henry VIII got me hooked on the history of the Tudors.

    I wasn’t as keen on the actress who played Anne or how her role was written.

  132. I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers although the least to look like him he portrayed Henry’s personality really well and and the look in his eyes as Henry’s personality changed.

  133. Jonathon Rys Myers as I think he portrayed a good young Henry VIII, passionate, athletic and handsome

  134. Keith Mitchell, without a doubt!!! I watched this on PBS when I was growing up and it sparked a lifelong love of everything Tudor!

  135. Jonathan Rhys Meyers has to be my favourite Henry VIII, I love watching him in the Tudors, the way he plays the king is with feeling, charm and sophistication. He plays his part as a powerful monarch but with a passion to succeed but a tyrant who believes when men are guilty of crimes against the state.

  136. Was tempted to say Sid James from the Carry On films for a giggle but no, sanity prevailed. Although I loved The Tudors series it was mainly Natalie Dormer who stole the show. My choice for Henry has got to be Keith Michell.

  137. Ray winston I though was a good likeness to the actual Henry but I loved Johnathon Rhys Meyers and if Henry had looked like him then I could have understood the attraction for all his women however being king was obviously enough haha n after reading these comments I need to see the 6wives of Henry Viii to see Keith Mitchels version n I cannot believe I haven’t see it being a huge Tudor fan xxx

  138. Robert Shaw in “A Man for all Seasons” is my favourite portrayal of Henry VIII. His wonderful range of facial expressions captured what I consider to be Henry VIII’s psychopathic self-absorption. That wonderful moment near the start of the film where the royal barge stops and Henry leaps out only to be covered in mud sums up what I mean about the subtlety of Shaw’s performance – he has Henry stand there for a few seconds while the terrified courtiers on the barge maintain stony silence, then Henry looks at them askance, slaps his thigh and roars with laughter – on cue the courtiers then laugh. Henry himself knows they are a bunch of toe lickers and although he despises them for it he loves the control. Also that wonderful scene in More’s garden when he is bellowing “Catherine’s not my wife!” Love the way in this film Shaw shows the other side of Henry too – the bluff King Hal in the wedding scene when he thinks Thomas More has actually attended the wedding when he sees someone like Thomas and his childish disappointment when he realises its not Thomas. He didn’t just portray Henry as a one dimensional tyrant but as a desperate man, a highly intelligent man and yes, a psychologically disordered man.

  139. Without a doubt, Richard Burton. He played Henry exactly how I have always imagined him to be: passionate, stubborn, arrogant, somewhat child-like in his ability to reason away his treatment of others and extremely self serving. When I visited Hever Castle in 2012, as soon as I walked through the archway, I immediately had the image of Richard as Henry riding underneath it, commanding all the inhabitant’s attention pop into my mind. Richard was fantastic as Henry VIII.

  140. I think Keith Mitchell was the best Henry VIII I watched him as a teenager and thus began my love of the era of the Tudor’s and it has been a lifelong love of mine I also believe he looked most like Henry VIII.

  141. Keith Mitchell.

    My love of the Tudors (and British history) started with the BBC version of Henry the VIII with Keith in the lead role, broadcast in the 1970’s. Forty years later, I still picture Henry as portrayed by Keith.

  142. It has to be Keith Michell, he seems to get Henry’s passion, anger and that naive trusting of his council that we all imagine (of course that trusting lost him his loyal friends, Cromwell, Wolsey and Moore). Keith was also the first Henry actor I saw on TV when I was just 5 years old and now at 40 I am still hooked on all things Tudor, so looks like I have him to thank xx

  143. Robert Shaw without a doubt in ” A Man for All Seasons.” He expresses Henry on the brink of being a good man and king ready to fall into the chasm of despotism. He is absolutely manic in the role.

  144. There have been many interpretations of Henry VIII, but none as fine as Keith Michell. He captures Henry as a wide eyed youth, newly come to power and able to take Catherine as his bride. He is happy, compassionate and loving to her-until she fails to give him his heir.

    He then is bewitched by Anne Boleyn, but Henry is still king, a fact that Anne sometimes forgets when she tries to have her will over his. To watch Keith turn cruel and hard is amazing, because his eyes show his emotions well.

    He turns to Jane Seymour, gentle, pale Jane, who had the good fortune to produce his longed-for heir. Could Henry have been happy with her? We will never know. Keith played the grieving king well, but he showed no compassion with Anne of Cleves.

    To see Keith’s interpretation and aging process is a feast for the eyes and ears, because both body and voice change. It is remarkable to watch the young boy king turn into the obese, ferocious tyrant who will have his way, and will kill anyone who dares disagree with him.

    Keith Michell will always be the consummate Henry VIII for me.

  145. This film seems to be available only on Amazon UK. Do you know if this can be found in the US. I would really love to watch this.

    Thank you

  146. Richard Burton in “Ann of a Thousand Days” He portrayed his tender romantic side and his cruel heartless side convincingly at the same time he was dealing with the problem of what to do with Catherine of Argon while courting Anne. Plus the movie was fantastic! Made at a time the movie industry was big on historic themes (ie; A Man for All Seasons; A Lion in Winter; Barry Lyndon, just to name a few!

  147. Jonathan Ryes from “THE TUDORS”….love, love him…his youth, romance, passion, self-serving, and determination to not age even though he was ill and diseased….amazing transformation!

  148. My favorite Henry VIII portrayal is a tie between Richard Burton and Jonathan Ryes Myers. Mr. Burton in Anne of The Thousand Days had a connection and a chemistry with Geniveve Bujold playing Anne Boleyl. While Mrs. Ryes Myers Showing a wider range of Henry’s life. Showing the youth and passion of the King on many levels and at different stages of his life, and of course his many wives.

    1. Sorry for the typing error. I meant to write Mr. Ryes Myers. No disrespect intended.

  149. It has got to be Kieth Mitchell! He is the best match physically and also seemed to capture what I would imagine Henry’s temperament & mannerisms to be. As far as the worst, I have to say was Jonathon Ryes Meyers, because of his vanity making him refuse to portray Henry in all his ugliness of his later years, and I just couldn’t get past his looks to accept his portrayal. As far as who I would like to see play Henry, it would be nice to see Russell Crowe give it a go, because of his looks & his acting.

  150. Keith Michell convinced my 13 year old self that he WAS Henry VIII! It set off a life long passion for all things Tudor more than 45 years later.

  151. Jonathan Rhys Meyers from The Tudors. His performance captured the complexities of Henry’s character in a superb manner. It ignited my interest to read and learn more about the Tudor era.

  152. For me, Keith Michell is the best so far – I was a teenager when 6 wives aired but I still remember how involved I got. He had the presence, the temper, and the charm that we all associate with this great but tyrannical monarch.

  153. Right now – in case you wondered – the runaway popular ABF winner on 64 supports is…
    KEITH MITCHELL, followed by Jonathon Rhys Meyers, with Richard Burton a close third; trailed by Ray Winstone, then Robert Shaw (the connoisseur’s choice?) and Charles Laughton (I have a face like the behind of an elephant) on 8 supports. John Stride got a mention. Interesting! So praises and thanks to Mr. Mitchell, we love your work!

  154. Richard burton…he did not have the red hair or height had the blue eyes and authoritative manner….and chemistry with Genevieve!

  155. I think Charles Laughton did a wonderful job playing Henry VIII in Young Bess and the Private Lives of Henry VIII he fit that part well.

  156. For me I have to say its JRM as he made such a lasting impression as Henry and was determined to play his own Henry and not just copy what had been done before. He rose to the challenge of bearing no physical resemblance to the Henry we have come to recognise and yet captured his essence, that’s just my opinion anyway.

  157. For myself I would have to say that I tend to appreciate Jonathan Rhys Meyers Henry VIII performance the most. Not throughout the series as a whole but mainly the last episode of the series itself, when he shows every range of motion and descent into madness and has to relive past mistakes through the ghosts of the mothers of his children. His performance has such a range during that episode you can see how everything that happened had taken its toll gravely and he didn’t want Anne to go.

  158. I would have to say Ray Winstone. I think he got his personality right as well as being able to be a bigger build henry. When I watched him as Henry it just seemed to be a perfect match. He pulled off his emotions so perfectly. But not to say I didn’t really love Jonathan Rhys Meyers because I think he did an amazing job and made women love him jut live henry did in his time. Oh how what we think is handsome has changed over all the years.

  159. I eat sleep and breathe Henery Vlll.My personal favorite is Richard Burton to play my dear Henery. I would love to win this contest.Thank you my Lords and Ladies.

  160. Richard Burton!! I loved Genevieve Bujold as well – the two of them had great chemistry. He showed his charismatic and dangerous sides perfectly. That was a great film. Close runner up is Jonathan Rhys Myers.

  161. For me Charles Laughton did the best job he was able to portray Henry VIII’s Q
    Volatile temper while also showing the funnier and more vunerable side of Henry instead of portraying him like a psychopath. Charles also has the distinction of winning an oscar for his role in the Private Life of Henry VIII as well as portraying the role more than once in Young Bess (and in the sword and the rose I think) this is a hard question as Henry VIII is a larger than life figure

  162. Keith Mitchell is the ultimate Henry VIII! If for no other reason, his Henry started my Tudor fascination some 44 years ago. A fascination which has resulted in numerous books and movies, visiting historical places like The Tower, Hampton Court, Windsor, Westminster Abbey – and lots of hours spent on trying to understand the age, the culture and real people. It is just – fascinating!

  163. Keith Mithcell was superb and I believe my #1 choice, with Ray Winstone a close second, because I think to me they gave the physical impression of what we think Henry might have looked like. For sheer entertainment, I really liked Jonathan Rhys Myers and I think Richard Burton did a fine Henry (though a tad bit overblown acting style, he was still fantastic). But it was Keith Mitchell and his Henry and wives also started me on a love of anything Tudors and a fascination with the history, culture, places and of course, the people of the times.

  164. This sound very interesting (Already on my Amazon wish list!). Before Wolf hall, i would not have been into part history and part fiction (although all historic films must be to some extent). I am intrigued by the idea of Jean Marsh playing amalgamation of Henry’s ex-wives. My favourite Henry is probably Keith Mithcell but maybe only because he was the first i saw. I liked the Jonathan Rhys Myers in the role as it reminded people that Henry was once young, fit and considered very handsome.

  165. This is a difficult choice to have to make, but I think that I’m going with Robert Shaw in A Man For All Seasons. Even though it was a small part, he showed Henry’s charm, but then just as quickly showed his anger and arrogance. I also loved Keith Michell, Richard Burton, Ray Winstone and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, but I’m going to have to go with Robert Shaw as my all-time favorite Henry.

  166. I liked Ray Winstone the best of those I have seen. His Henry is always on the ball, his mind is always working and when he needs to convey intimidation, lord, can he.

  167. I adore JRM, so that’s an easy choice for me. His ability to capture the intensity and borderline madness was fantastic. Of course, he did not resemble Henry physically, but I feel that his acting more than made up for that. I loved his scenes with both Maria Doyle Kennedy and Natalie Dormer.

  168. keith Mitchell is my favourite as he portrays henry throughout his life with such a powerful performance xxxxx

  169. Keith Michell, for me, has been ‘The Henry’, and it was that series, and the film, that got me hooked on him and the Tudor period as a whole at a young age. It’s how I imagine him to be.
    Richard Burton a close 2nd, he portrayed his passion for Anne brilliantly.
    Ray Winstone was a good ‘rough an’ ready’ Henry with his cockney
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers made him ‘Glam’, and, as some one said above, sexy…Henry VIII sexy??? a weird concept, but Jonathan made him so in that series.
    Charles Laughton, I love that early Hollywood style portrayal, I think he was the ‘jolliest’ Henry, always laughing if I remember correctly.
    The daftest Henry has to be Sid James in ‘Carry On Henry’, what a farce. 🙂
    John Stride, was a classic Henry in 1979, the BBC’s production of Shakespeare play ‘Henry VIII’ with Claire Bloom.

    I have all the above on DVD…but not this one, and I have to confess I have never heard of it, so would love to have it, to watch it, no doubt enjoy it tremendously, and have it sat next to my others to be worn out through watching…

  170. I love two the most… I love Richard Burton in Anne of the Thousand Days. I think he captured an articulate, passionate, and commanding image of Henry VIII. He had a sense of humor, which I believe Henry probably had, prior to his jousting accident in 1536. Burton also showed just how desperate Henry was for Anne, yet how easily changeable he was.

    At the same time, I, too, love Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII. I honestly forgot that I was watching the actor play a character. In a way, he “became” Henry VIII as I watched the Tudors! I think he captured the youthful passion for what (and who) Henry loved, but also his exploding wrath and temper when he was displeased or satisfied. It was nice to have a reminder that Henry was not always an obese tyrant… True, they did not make him fat, but I think JRM did a fair job portraying an aging (at times monstrous) monarch.

  171. Charles Laughton playing the “more mature” Henry was amazing, both in The Private Life of Henry VIII and in Young Bess.

  172. Jonathan Rhys Meyers because I feel he captured Henry perfectly in his youth and then he took the performance and ran with it.I think he did a fine job!He looks nothing like him but he really got his personality down.

  173. I love every actor I have seen portray King Henry VIII because they all bring something different to the man so many of us are obsessed with, but in my opinion Jonathan Rhys Meyers has brought a whole new following to the history of the Tudors with his amazing versatility as an actor. Week after week for 4 beautfiul seasons, he took us through a fast-forward of Henry’s reign, triumphs, losses, happiness, tragedies, wives and death. He made us understand how his people of that time were mesmerized by his very presence. JRM made us BELIEVE that he was King Henry VIII. As an actor, he was able to make us love him and hate him at the same time, which we all know was the reality of the people during the King’s reign. King Henry VIII wanted to leave a legacy that would never be forgotten. There were so many that either forgot or never even knew anything about Tudor history, but thanks to one of today’s most under-rated actors (in my opinion), King Henry VIII and the Tudor Dynasty has been re-born for a whole new generation to fall in love with.

  174. Keith Michell, I believe resembled Henry 8 more in the term of looks, but Richard Burton had that unique spark that was what I believe Henry 8 was in real life.
    Going from the Prince Charming, to the Smug big headed git to the pathetic bad tempered sad sack poor bleeding martyr within the space of a few minutes.
    The scene in the film Anne of a Thousand days, when he and Anne (played by the brilliant Genevieve Bujold) go for a horse ride, and he begs her to to play horse and mare so to speak, but instead of Anne meekly submitting she rounds on him and tells him what she thinks of him, which makes him storm off in temper.
    JRH was good especially towards the end when he shows just how conceited he truly is when he gets Holbien to pain his portrait, and the portrait Holbien paints, is not the image he (Henry) sees, and tells Holbien his portrait is a lie, and gives him another go, Holbien then produces something perhaps as close to the image that Henry himself see when he closes his eyes.
    For comic value it has to be Charles Laugton, who reprised the role of Henry in the Film Young Bess.
    However for the real master of ripping Henry off big time it has to be Sid James in Carry on Henry, which incidently is my favourite carry on film although they were all good.

  175. I really like Robert Shaw in A Man for All Seasons. I loved his carefree attitude. He simply could not understand why Thomas More would disagree with his beliefs.

  176. Without a doubt it is Robert Shaw from “A Man For All Seasons.” If there was something equivalent to the Academy Awards in the ” Closest Resemblance to Henry VIII ” category, Robert Shaw would be under spot lights every year, he was that good!

  177. Combine Keith Mitchelle with Jonathan Ryse Myers and throw in a touch of Richard Burton and you have the perfect Henry. Keith Mitchelle had the presence and the height and the muscular legs, and was a great actor through all of the wives and changes, physically and emotional; Jonathan Ryce Myers brought modern acting and sexiness to the role; made you feel he was Henry even if he was the wrong hair colour and size; he gave us the young playboy Henry as well as the Henry changed by the trauma of desire and divorce; believable and engaging; and throw in the screen presence and superb charm and charisma of Richard Burton; plus his doubting himself and being torn in two emotionally, and you have the entire package rolled into one.

  178. Alas, I’ve been so busy at work that I haven’t caught up on the Anne Boleyn Files for a couple of weeks. I missed the contest for the DVD, but for the record, my favorite Henry VIII is Robert Shaw in _Man for All Seasons_.

    FYI: I just ordered the DVD through The cost with shipping to the USA came to $23.28 USD. That’s the price for “standard shipping.” The estimated arrival time of the DVD is approximately one month. So I get to sit on my hands until then. ***sigh*** But the price is much less than I expected given that it’s an overseas shipment.

  179. Richard Burton. His physical appearance at the time he knew Anne was closest to true. Sir Richard was also quite the dancer as was Henry. All the others brought fantastic character to the man but Richard made me feel as if I were in the room with the real, live Henry VIII. He was vulnerable, domineering, loveable and frustrating! He and Genevieve had the chemistry to make it all so real life and not on the silver screen.

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