Merry Christmas to you and yours

Posted By on December 25, 2019

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours from me, my family and pets. I hope you have a wonderful festive season.

I thought I’d share with you my Christmas Day “on this day” video, which explains how the Tudors would have marked this day, as well as sharing an “on this day” event concerning Lettice Knollys, great-niece of Queen Anne Boleyn.

And, yes, I am in my Christmas onesie!!

18 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to you and yours”

  1. Michael Wright says:

    Thank you so much Claire. BTW: The onesie is cute but I really like your headband.

  2. carrie Sjoholm says:


  3. Tanya Stark says:

    Merry Christmas Claire! I wanna onesie but it has to have footies on it! Made your Buttered Beere (finally) for our party last night and it was awesome! Thank you! Tanya

  4. Banditqueen says:

    What a lovely onesie, Claire and cute little cap. The stuffed hog or boars head was also very popular and the Tudor Monastery Farm at Christmas was on the other day showing Ruth stuffing the head, skull removed with all kinds of goodies as well as the many other festive ales and foods being over the twelve days.

    I can vouch for the wonderful tomb of Robert Dudley and Lettice in the Beauchamp Chapel in the Collegiate Church of Saint John in Warwick, it was amazing to behold when we went in the Summer. The tomb of their son is very moving. The Chapel is very quiet and peaceful.

    Merry Christmas to you and all your family. Have a good festive time. I personally keep all twelve days, moderately but keep them and don’t deal with anything official until afterwards. I don’t know about you, but after all the preparation for Christmas I need and feel as if I deserve a couple of weeks off, so here’s to 11 more days of feasting and celebrations. Enjoy!

    1. Christine says:

      Hope you had a great time Claire, I have only just seen the video and your Xmas message these past few minutes, have been so busy wrapping presents this morning, I was drinking champagne at the time! You do look very festive and cheerful in your onesi and I love the jaunty little Xmas hat, hope you had some lovely gifts and look forward to seeing your new post Boxing Day xx

  5. Christine says:

    Happy new year to Claire and her family and pets and everyone else who posts on here, hope it’s a good one for us all and wether people are staying in with their loved ones or out celebrating, I do hope they will enjoy themselves, there’s a winter vomiting bug going around north London at the mo, it happens every year and I know a few who have it, I’m fine at the mo apart from a little cold, so not sure what I am doing tonight, depends on how I feel but I hope everyone has a great time xx

  6. Banditqueen says:

    Happy New Year to you all and I hope you have appointed a Lord of Misrule. Let’s go Wassailing and enjoy those games tomorrow.

    I have had a terrible chest infection, my first for many years, so have been a but subdued. I can’t wassail but I can cause some misrule. Happy New Year! Happy New Decade. Up the Reds! YNWA

    1. Christine says:

      Hope u recover well Bq chest infections are particularly nasty, Iv just come out ofTescos and I think Iv over exerted myself feel rough, it’s a really gloomy drizzly day, just looking forward to going home and having a nice cup of Rosey! All the best xx

    2. Christine says:

      Have to spare a thought for the people of Australia many of whom are after all our distant cousins, hope the authorities manage to extinguish the dreadful bush fires that are ravaging the country, and that they are able to rescue those poor souls who are at this very moment, stranded and must be in absolute terror of their lives god bless.

  7. Michael Wright says:

    I can relate BQ. My Christmas was spent with bronchitis. I’m at the end of it now so just a bit of a cough hanging on. Happy New Year everyone! Hope you get to feeling better BQ. New year’s is not much of a big deal to me, it’s just the earliest chance I have to write a check with the wrong date on it. Have fun. Thank you Claire and Tim for this wonderful site and all of the work you put into it. Hope you have a good celebration Christine.

    1. Christine says:

      Thank you Michael and I hope you soon feel better, new year isn’t that much to me either and in the past when iv been working iv been too tired to go out and celebrate, When I was a lot younger nothing could make me stay in had to go out and party! this year thought I may try the local as it’s fun new year and Xmas, it’s like a proper old fashioned east end pub with a guy on the piano and everyone joins in and has a sing song, but I’m not that great and just fancy a nice cosy night in, in front of the television.

      1. Michael Wright says:

        Thank you Christine. I must say, your description of the local pub really sounds fun.

        1. Banditqueen says:

          Hope you feel better soon, Michael and hope you soon feel rested, Christine, we are having rare sunshine these last few days and yesterday was quite mild, but today is a cold wind. I must admit after a good clear out this morning I feel a lot better. I went up to Boots to get some more medicine, which with any luck I won’t need but it is always useful.
          New Year was in Tudor Times Lady Day of 25th March although the old Roman New Year was the 1st January and this was kept as the Feast of the Mother of Jesus from early Christian times, but is also the 7th day of Christmas. It was when the gifts were given, especially at Court and New Year is big in France. There was the New Year Cake, games were played and you had a knees up. I don’t usually bother with the fuss but will watch the Big Ben celebrations and let in the New Year. Not a big deal really, but there are fireworks around somewhere.

          Yes, we must remember the people of Australia who have to put up with these terrible fires and who have lost homes and everything. This disaster has gone on for weeks now. When is something going to be done to put them out? It’s a national disaster.

          Thanks for your good wishes. Relax and have a good 2020.

  8. Globerose says:

    Happy New Year to everyone on the Anne Boleyn Files, Claire, Tim & Family with gorgeous Teazel the dog, and to all your contributors, but especially our favourites, BQ, Christine, Ester, Michael and all. May your 2020 days be merry and bright my friends. Health, wealth and happiness to us all.

    1. Michael Wright says:

      Thank you so much Globerose. May you also have a wonderful 2020.

    2. Banditqueen says:

      Hello, Globerose, all the same wished for you too, Happy New Year.

      1. Christine says:

        Yes twelfth night cake the forerunner of the Christmas cake, and everyone gave presents to the king, their gifts to and from the king himself were determined according to their very status, there was the time when Katherine gave Henry a gold cup even though they were estranged, she still kept up the tradition of presenting her husband with new year gifts, the king however was incensed and had it returned poor Katherine, possibly to please Anne Boleyn, they did have very cold bitter winters years ago and on several occasions, the Thames froze over and the court would go skating on it, and fairs would be held with stalls and the gingerbread man would be there selling his wares, one can imagine the old city looking bleak covered in a blanket of snow, the spire of St Paul’s glinting against the grey of the sky, then the courtiers looking very gaily dressed in their muffs and furs and one can see the urchins at their feet scrapping for coins and pieces of bread, in the days of Charles 11 the merry monarch would have attended with his many mistresses en tow, to me the scene of that long ago London is as evocative as a Dickens Christmas card, now lost forever but one can imagine the colourful and thriving scene and hear the shouts and laughter of the crowds.

    3. Christine says:

      Thank you Globerose may fortune smile on you also.

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