May Tudor Life Magazine – An Anne Boleyn Special!

May 2015 Tudor LifeMay 2015’s Tudor Life magazine is out now and it’s an Anne Boleyn special with 57 out of its 106 pages dedicated to Henry VIII’s second wife who was, of course, executed in May 1536.

The Anne Boleyn special section includes articles from Elizabeth Norton, Kyra Kramer, Gareth Russell, Roland Hui, Marilyn Roberts, Clare Cherry, Beth von Staats, Hunter S. Jones, Charlie Fenton and Claire Ridgway (that’s me!), and there are plenty of other Tudor articles from the likes of Toni Mount, Olga Hughes, Jane Moulder and Melanie V. Taylor.

You can enjoy a taster of May’s magazine by going to and clicking on the cover image there – enjoy!

The monthly magazine is just one of the perks of Tudor Society membership, there are also monthly talks and live chats from experts, weekly videos, quizzes and articles, resources and much more. Find out more at

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2 thoughts on “May Tudor Life Magazine – An Anne Boleyn Special!”
  1. I am very glad to be a member. Is the magazine only in digital format? Thank you for my Tudor T-shirt. I look forward to the Tudor magnets. Also, thank you for the note that Claire sent to .me. I plan to frame the card with the Tower of London on it.

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