Last SupperToday is Maundy Thursday, the feast day that commemorates the Last Supper, that final meal that Jesus Christ had with his disciples before his arrest, so I just wanted to share with you some articles I have written on the topic:

2 April – On this day in history…

  • 1502 – Arthur, Prince of Wales, son and heir of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, died at Ludlow Castle in the Welsh Marches. He was just fifteen years old, and had only been married to the Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon for four and a half months. Click here to read more about his death.
  • 1536 – Anne Boleyn’s almoner, John Skip, preached a rather controversial sermon in front of the King. Skip spoke on the Old Testament story of King Ahasuerus “who was moved by a wicked minister to destroy the Jews” but Queen Esther stepped in with different advice and saved the Jews. In Skip’s sermon, Henry VIII was Ahasuerus, Anne Boleyn was Queen Esther and Thomas Cromwell, who had just introduced the “Act of Suppression of the Lesser Monasteries” into Parliament, was Haman, the “wicked minister”. The sermon was an attack on what had been debated in Parliament and it was a statement on Anne’s stance and her beliefs. Click here to read more about his sermon.

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One thought on “Maundy Thursday”
  1. Hi, we still have the washing of the feet in my local Catholic Church and the sacrament blessed today will also be preserved in the Tabanacle and brought out again tomorrow. The Communion will not be blessed again now until the first mass of Sunday, which is of course the Pascal Service with the fire and the candle to mark Jesus passing from death unto life, on Saturday evening, normally midnight, followed by Holy Easter Mass, but sometimes today it is at eight in the evening. The Maundy money is of course still given out by the Queen and in our local Anglican Church we have the Lords Supper with readings from the last meal for the Apostles.

    Have a Happy Easter and Passover and enjoy whichever you all celebrate or if you just have a nice time with family and friends, enjoy the break and God bless.

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