It’s not too late to join me live later today – The 1536 Investigation into Anne Boleyn

Today’s the day!

Later today, I will be going live and exploring the investigation into Queen Anne Boleyn in April and May 1536.

I’ll be looking at:

  • What we know about the Crown’s case against Anne and the men in April and May 1536.
  • Who carried out the investigation
  • Who was interrogated.
  • Who gave evidence.
  • And how the investigation compares to that of Queen Catherine Howard in 1541/2.

I’ll be going live in a private Facebook group and on a private YouTube channel at:

  • London, UK – Tuesday 10 May at 10pm
  • Madrid, Spain – Tuesday 10 May at 11pm
  • New York, USA – Tuesday 10 May at 5pm
  • Los Angeles, USA – Tuesday 10 May at 2pm
  • Sydney, Australia – Wednesday 11 May at 7am
  • Adelaide, Australia – Wednesday 11 May at 6.30am

As well as talking, I’ll leave time for a Q&A session, which is always fun.

This is a really juicy subject, so I can’t wait to talk about it, find out your views and answer your questions.

Register now for this live, which is part of my “The Fall of Anne Boleyn with Claire Ridgway” 8-day online event at

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