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Thank you so much to everyone who voted on what I should talk about in my live on Tuesday 10th May. The topic chosen is the investigation into Anne Boleyn, and whether there actually was an investigation.

  • What do we know about the Crown’s case against Anne and the men in April and May 1536?
  • Who carried out the investigation?
  • Who was interrogated?
  • Who gave evidence?
  • How does the investigation compare to that of Catherine Howard in 1541/2?

I’ll be exploring these questions when I do this bonus live for participants of my “The Fall of Anne Boleyn” online event.
I’ll be going live in a private Facebook group and on a private YouTube channel at:

  • London, UK – Tuesday 10 May at 10pm
  • Madrid, Spain – Tuesday 10 May at 11pm
  • New York, USA – Tuesday 10 May at 5pm
  • Los Angeles, USA – Tuesday 10 May at 2pm
  • Sydney, Australia – Wednesday 11 May at 7am
  • Adelaide, Australia – Wednesday 11 May at 6.30am

This is a really juicy subject, so I can’t wait to talk about it, find out your views and answer your questions.
Register for “The Fall of Anne Boleyn with Claire Ridgway” 8-day online event 13-20 May (plus bonus live on 10 May) at

I do hope you can join me!

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