I am Henry trailer


I know many of you are interested in the British short film “I am Henry”, so here’s the trailer – enjoy it!


This absorbing short drama is set in the hour of King Henry VIII’s death. Hauntingly beautiful and full of ‘real’ emotions.

Written and Directed by Jan Hendrik Verstraten.

Starring Sebastian Street, Fleur Keith, Maria de Lima and George Johnston.

Producers: Massimo Barbato and Tarik Kemp. Cinematography by Simon Rowling. Composer: Louis Sebastian Mander. Costume Design by Kristen Ernst-Brown.

© Flying Dutchman Films 2015

Lots of you have been asking about when it’s coming out at the cinema or on DVD. Well, Jan explained to me that the film will be doing the festival circuit initially, but he is hoping that this short film will be the first episode in a series for online download or TV. I hope so, don’t you?

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