Henry VIII Mural – New Photos

Rhodri Powell, owner of the house in Milverton, Somerset, where the beautiful 16th century mural of Henry VIII has been discovered, has been kind enough to share some more photos with us. Enjoy!

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18 thoughts on “Henry VIII Mural – New Photos”
  1. Perhaps one day they find something like this from Anne let’s hope
    but it’s amazing after all this years it’s still in a good shape

    1. I would go absolutely insane with joy if a mural of Anne Boleyn was discovered somewhere. We would finally know exactly what she looked like!

  2. This is amazing! Just when you think everything has been “discovered”, a wonderful surprise pops up! I wish I could see this with my own eyes.

  3. These are amazing! He looks very much like one of those early portraits–before he got fat. I do wish we could find something like this of Anne’s. Awesome! THanks!

  4. Yes, indeed! I wish like you too that more things could be found out there. Perhaps one day there will be. We shall never know, we may never know.

  5. the only historical print ihave is of captain bligh, and of a miss pierce of the 1700’s.. joan

  6. Even in the 21 st centuary we are still finding items. Awesome. Wonder what they’ll find in 5 more more of us? LOVE LOVE this site.

  7. What a beautiful home Rhodri Powell has, very blessed, I would think. Thank you for sharing and keep sending them.

    I was wondering if the value of this home escalated because of this priceless mural? You would think that it would as with many antiques.
    Does anyone know who painted it? And why?

    Just curious, this is sooo fasciating!!

  8. Thank you all for your comments. Don’t know what effect the mural has had on the value of the house – but 2 previous owners have said they were glad they didn’t find it. As for an Anne Bolyen picture, well you will see that Henry is some way off centre – and after finding his eyes we stopped uncovering for a couple of months. The great question then was who was sitting to his right hand. Would it have been Anne? If not Anne, then who? The answer, unfortunately, was no one.

    1. I do hope you find more treasures like this. I wish you luck with all you do in this area. Thank you for the enlightment.

      1. Thank you. We have made some interesting discoveries in the room above about the structure of the building and how it was built, and exposed some of the medieval plaster there, but no sign of any more artworks. But who knows?

      1. Why? They didn’t say and we didn’t ask. But I guess they might have found the whole thing rather daunting, plus the thought of the Listing being put up to Grade I which means you can’t even redecorate without getting permission. Besides, old Henry was nothing if not demanding in his lifetime, and time has not wearied him.

        1. Hi Rhodri,

          How do you feel about discovering the mural?

          I think that people who are fascinated by the history of England, especially the Tudor era, (and I am one of them), would love to see this mural and many other places and artifacts associated with Anne and Henry. I live in the U.S. and it is a dream to one day go to England and experience the places I have only been able to see through pictures. Maybe one day!!!

  9. Julie, you ask how do we feel about discovering Henry. Obviously we were pretty excited at first, but now we have got used to it, it just feels sort of natural. We always used to feel there was something a bit odd about the room, but we could never work out what. It feels personal too, like he is a member of the household.

    We will be having open days for people to come and see him – details on the website (when I get time to put stuff together to send to the web designer)

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