Happy Epiphany or Kings’ Day!

Jan6,2012 #Epiphany #Twelfth Night
Our Roscon de Reyes

Happy Kings’s Day to all those who celebrate it. Here in Spain we have a public holiday today as children enjoy the presents left for them last night by the Three Kings and families tuck into their roscon, a special cake eaten traditionally on Kings’ Day.

Last night the Three Kings visited our village, travelling on the back of a truck and throwing sweets out to the children. They then gave out presents to the children in the village, including our three who were very excited. It was a wonderful community event and so much fun.

We’ll be sharing our roscon later today – see picture – and seeing who gets the bean and who gets the King figure. The bean used to be lucky but now the person who finds the bean has to pay for the cake and the person who finds the King is crowned King of Epiphany – you get a gold cardboard crown with the cake.

You can find out about Epiphany in Tudor times in my article “Happy Twelfth Night”

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5 thoughts on “Happy Epiphany or Kings’ Day!”
  1. Happy Kings Day to you, sounds like a fun day. I dont think many people in the U.K. celebrate twelfth night any more, there are few that keep the decs up till then now, me included I took mine down yesterday, have to light more candles in the evening now to replace all the lights and glittery things that have been packed away. I have got an old recipe book with a twelfth night cake in to make, but cant remember if it mentioned the bean/king tradition without checking. Watched a t.v. prog the other day on the life of Charles Dickens, and this mentioned this tradition, so the Victorians were still doing it with great enthusiasm.
    Is this the 2nd lot of gifts the children receive, or do they not get gifts from Santa? It is very interesting how different countries celebrate Christmas.
    Wishing you a very happy and sucessful New Year Claire.

  2. Happy King’s Day to you, too. That cake looks delicious! I want to get this tradition going in my house–it’s so cool! And, with my children grown, I’d have a 50/50 chance of getting the king 🙂 What does the cake taste like?

    1. Hi Anne,
      Sorry for missing this comment! The cake is like a sweet bread and then it has glacé fruit decorating it and either a cream or custard filling, it’s yummy! We didn’t have a King figure this year, it was a Christmas tree instead, which amused us all!

  3. Happy Kngs Day to all,have’nt a clue what one does sounds like great fun and that big donut looks really good.Dawn did you get my post re:swallding your new born D NA ect: Woiud relly like to no more iof what you thinkit;s cowinsental Also wouid like to get a res for sticky Toffey puddy would lan Kinds SO IFD YOU NOSEND

    1. Got the post. If you google Sticky toffee pud there are lots of recipes, a warning though it’s addictive, yum!!

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