#FridayFun – Anne Boleyn’s Coronation Quiz

As it has recently been the anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s coronation, I thought I’d test your knowledge of Anne Boleyn’s coronation, the celebrations of which lasted four days.

Good luck!


#1. How many days before Anne Boleyn's coronation celebrations began did Archbishop Cranmer proclaim her marriage to Henry VIII valid?

#2. The Milanese ambassador estimated that Anne's coronation cost the City of London this amount.

He also stated that it cost Henry VIII half that amount again.

#3. Anne Boleyn's coronation celebrations began with a river pageant on the Thames, which included a vessel carrying...

#4. How many Knights of the Bath were created on the night of 30th/31st May as part of the coronation celebrations

The men included Francis Weston who was executed in May 1536 in Anne Boleyn’s fall.

#5. True or false: Anne Boleyn dubbed the knights?

Henry VIII did it.

#6. What colour did Anne Boleyn wear for her coronation procession on 31st May 1533?

Chronicler Edward Hall records that she wore white cloth of gold.

#7. True or false: Hans Holbein the Younger designed a pageant for Anne's coronation procession?

His pageant depicted Apollo and the nine muses on Mount Parnassus.

#8. Anne Boleyn's coronation took place on this feast day.

#9. What is so unusual about the crown used to crown Anne Boleyn?

It was the Crown of St Edward and was usually used to crown the monarch, not the consort

#10. True or false: Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, and William Howard entered Westminster Hall at Anne's coronation banquet on horseback to announce the first course.

They did, in their roles as High Steward and Marshal of England

#11. True or false: Henry VIII sat with Anne during her coronation banquet?

He viewed the proceedings from a special “little closet” accompanied by the ambassadors of France and Venice.


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  1. Got three wrong, oh dear, I’m really enjoying these quizzes Claire keep bring them every Friday !

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