Friday 13th


If you haven’t already noticed, today is Friday 13th, the so-called unlucky day which has given its name to slasher movies and leads some people to change their plans for the day.

I’m not very suspicious, although I will occasionally say “touch wood” after saying something good, but I do find superstitions interesting. I did an article on medieval/Tudor superstitions a few years ago – click here – and author Robert Parry also wrote a wonderful article on the subject for the Elizabeth Files – click here – but today I’d like to hear from you about superstitions you’ve read about or superstitions that you or your family have.

Do you avoid ladders? Do you freak out after breaking a mirror? Do you cross your fingers? Do you get cross when someone opens an umbrella inside?

Please do share and share their meaning or origin if you know it too.

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