Executed Queens Tour Day 5 – Hampton Court Palace

Posted By on June 14, 2012

The latest diary entry from Tim…

This morning we awoke to glorious sunshine streaming in through the leaded windows of Hever castle – a stunning change to the cold rain of yesterday afternoon. As it was early, I decided to take a stroll around some of the grounds, and with the clear light and no breeze to ripple the water, I think I’ve taken some of my best photos of the castle yet. It is SO beautiful.

Our day trip was to Hampton Court Palace and it was brilliant. We were met at the castle by Siobhan, who has been our HCP expert for the past two years. We saw the key Tudor parts of the palace, such as the great hall (with its hidden Henry + Anne “HA” monograms) and then on to the more private rooms that King Henry VIII would have known. We were very lucky to see a full length portrait of the young Elizabeth I which is on loan to Hampton Court from a private owner. She really was a beauty in her youth.

After lunch in the Tiltyard Café I took a few of our guests to see the lovely gardens, including visiting the “Capability” Brown vine which was planted in 1768 and which is still growing strong today. Others went off to see the more “modern” additions to the palace, and those parts are stunning in their opulence and beauty too.

After our return to Hever and our feast in the Astor wing, we had a riveting evening talk and discussion with Gareth Russell about the myths and common perceptions of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. It was interesting and very enlightening to hear his perceptive thoughts on what brought down each of these two executed queens and I think we all learned a lot.

Tomorrow we are off to the Tower of London. Hopefully we’ll have a happier ending than both Catherine and Anne…

Hampton Court Palace Photos

Gareth Russell at Hever Castle

9 thoughts on “Executed Queens Tour Day 5 – Hampton Court Palace”

  1. myhrr says:

    Hey claire” I checked out the photos tim took at HCP, look closely at the Henry VIII in his later years, the orbs around it are spectacular!

    1. Dawn 1st says:

      There are quite a few of them isn’t there…wonder what that means…his presence, perhaps….eerie

    2. Claire says:

      We always get lots of orbs in photos taken at Hever, it’s funny!

  2. WilesWales says:

    Unbelieable! Strolling the grounds of Hever, then to Hampton Court (and this month’s picture on the June 2012 on this year’s Queen Anne Boleyn Calendar (photo won in a contest, to boot – and I placed Queen in the title as well). Then returning to Heve for dinner!

    I have seen in books the H&A that is still left there, and I do remember it being the favourite palace of Queen Elizabeth I, if my memory serves me correctly).

    What a once in a lifetime to see on loan by a private donor (now that’s class), the portrait of Queen Elizabeth when she was young! I believe we only see that one in books, or have we?

    Tim, you’re tiring me out! I can only imagine what a taking in one’s mind these one day adventures! Thank you! WilesWales

    I will defend Queen Anne as long as I am around! She was innocent of all charges brought against her! Queen Anne did give England one very special gift, Queen Elizabeth I! Queen Elizabeth I was the greatest absolute monarch that countyr ever had!

    “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes:..” Psalms 118:23

    1. Marilyn R says:

      Wasn’t Richmond Palace Elizabeth’s favourite? Did she have much of a connection with Hampton Court?

      1. Claire says:

        This is off the top of my head, but I’m sure I read somewhere that HCP held bad memories for Elizabeth after she suffered with smallpox there, but I’m not sure. She retired to Richmond when she was dying so she obviously felt comfortable there.

        1. Claire says:

          Tim will be tired tomorrow when he gets back as he has a very early flight back. he’s had a brilliant time though.

  3. Deborah Braden says:

    OMG. What beautiful pictures and what a gorgeous place. It’s grandeur than what I’ve seen in books on online. Claire, if I ever fulfill my dream to visit England and all these places, please allow me the honor of hiring you as a personal guide. There can’t possibly be any other tour in England to compare what you and Tim have done. Please reconsider not arranging these anymore. What a sad though.

    1. Claire says:

      It’s been a tough year this year. We had to cancel a few and this tour only had 9 guests, plus Tim and Gareth, so we only just met the minimum required. So, a combination of me needing to concentrate on my research and writing, and the economic climate, has led to our decision. Sorry!

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