Executed Queens Tour Day 2 – Bosworth Battlefield

Jun11,2012 #Executed Queens Tour

Here’s Tim’s diary entry from day two of the Executed Queens Tour…

Well, we’ve been really blessed with amazing weather today and it has made for a fantastic visit to the site of the Battle of Bosworth. We started out our day with Hawkwise Falconry learning about how the Tudors used birds of prey to hunt, and then learning what has changed between then and now. Then came our hands-on chance to have a Bengal Owl fly to, and land on, our outstretched arm… which I think we all loved! Some of us also got to hold a peregrine falcon too. Amazing! Thanks to Becky for such a great experience.

Straight after that, Les Routiers gave a rather blood thirsty lesson in the weapons and fighting used by those who were involved in the Battle of Bosworth. We learned all about the weapons that peasants would have used, right up to those used by nobility. It really puts into perspective how close the combat really was in those days… VERY close indeed.

Bosworth has a wonderful visitors centre, which we were able to go around with our guide, asking all the questions that we wanted. I particularly liked the presentation on the likely positions of the different key players in the battle, and as a result, I’m creating a new name for one participant… Sneaky Stanley. The perspectives from both King Richard’s side and also Henry’s side were well presented, and of course we all know that this battle was one of the important turning points in English history with the creation of the Tudor dynasty.

Our afternoon was filled with a walk up on to Ambion Hill to see first hand where both sides spent the night before the battle. It must have been very intimidating for the general soldiers or those without any training at all. Then we walked to various places to see where the actual battles took place and where it is now thought King Richard was killed. Fascinating stuff.

After returning to Coombe Abbey we met up with Dr. John Guy and his lovely wife, Julia Fox, for an evening meal followed by a very special talk from John about Mary Queen of Scots and the plans against her.

The group at dinner with Dr John Guy (bottom right) and Julia Fox (top left)

All in all, the weather, the settings, the experts and a really great group of guests have made this day one to remember. I hope the photos capture some of the magic of the day.

p.s. No more has been seen of “Lady Fanny” and it is 99.9% certain that Tim does not have the plague.

You can see photos from Day 2 at:

Bosworth Battlefield photos

Meal with Dr John Guy and Julia Fox

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One thought on “Executed Queens Tour Day 2 – Bosworth Battlefield”
  1. Wow, with Dr. John Guy and his wife Julia Fox at dinner! The weapons of the peasants and the nobility at Bosworth Field (1485). I have read how very close those battles were. Just to stand at Bosworth Field would be breath-taking to me! To hold hold a peregrine falcon too! What a day! All of this seems each day as a month’s tour to me! I would comment further, but I’d just be repeating each one with a comment, and they would all be great. I love reading these and the pictures are magnificent! Thank you! WilesWales!

    I will defend Queen Anne as long as I’m around! She was innocent of all charges against her! Queen Anne did give England one great and very special gift, Queen Elizabeth I! Queen Eliazabeth I was the greatest absolute monarch that country ever had!

    “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes:…” Psalms 118:23

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