King Edward VIOn this day in history, 2nd April 1552, the 50th anniversary of his Uncle Arthur’s death, the 14 year old King Edward VI fell ill with measles and smallpox. Fortunately he survived.

Chris Skidmore, author of “Edward VI: The Lost King of England” , believes that it was this bout of illness which suppressed the King’s immune system and which led to him dying of consumption (tuberculosis) on the 6th July 1553. King Edward VI, son of Henry VIII and Queen Jane Seymour, died at the age of just 15 and never had chance to rule England in his own right. So sad.

You can find out more about Edward VI in the following articles:-

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4 thoughts on “Edward VI Falls Ill – 2 April 1552”
  1. i wish they had carried on the tudors onto his reign, i know the programme isnt 100% factual but it might have sparked peoples interswt in him like it has doe to henry.
    he was only touched on slightly in lady jane with helena bonham carter.
    they could have carried on with his reign, janes life and how mary and elizabeth coped in this time.
    its such a shame

  2. Just finished watching the TUDORS, the mini series on DVD a second time. Really enjoyed the stories, and the court of Henry VIII and his wives. Sorry to see that it won’t be continued through Edward, Lady Grey and Mary to Elizabeth I. that would be a great series. Maybe if enough viewers would write Showtime, and the production company it could be done. Just also finished reading the LIfe and Death of Anne Bolyen. that was interesting reading. Have purchased several pieces from the series The TUDORS, and also from the Other Bolyen Girl by Phillipa Gregory. That was different spin on the story. Liked to have had more information on Mary Carey to Lady Stafford. starting to read the book on Mary I. that should be good reading.

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