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George-Boleyn-report.pdf_-_2015-10-23_11.12.31There are now over 2,000 blog posts and over 870 pages here on The Anne Boleyn Files site, and although you can use the Google search box and the categories section to search for particular topic I thought I’d make it a bit easier for you to find relevant articles by putting together some PDF reports.

I have started work on these reports and so far have done one on Mary Boleyn and one on George Boleyn. What they are is downloadable PDFs with clickable links to articles on George and Mary, as well as recommended reading. I’m working on more and hope to do ones on each of Henry VIII’s six wives, Henry himself, other Tudor personalities and key Tudor topics. I do hope you will find them useful.

Click here to go to the Reports page right now.

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