Celebrating 10 Years of the Anne Boleyn Files with a giveaway!

I can’t quite believe that it’s been 10 years since I wrote my very first post on the Anne Boleyn Files website, but it’s true! 10 years of researching and writing about Tudor history full-time, and what a journey it’s been! I’ve met so many wonderful people on that journey and received so much encouragement and support, and I feel very blessed.

I love the research and writing I do, but what I really love is sharing it with others, receiving feedback, talking Tudor and interacting with people from all over the world that share my love of Tudor history.

When I wrote my first post on this website, I really didn’t believe that anyone else would ever read it. I saw this blog as a diary of my research and practice for my writing. I never for a single moment thought that it would turn into what it has. So many things have led from that, it’s incredible.

I couldn’t have done any of it without the encouragement and support I receive on a daily basis. Just when I’m feeling fried, that I just can’t do it anymore because there’s too much to do, I’ll receive a message of thanks and that’s all it takes to raise my spirits. It’s wonderful. As a thankyou for all the support, I’m doing a giveaway of some Anne Boleyn goodies – my course on The Life of Anne Boleyn, the Anne Boleyn colouring book, an Anne Boleyn (or Elizabeth I) t-shirt, a signed copy of my forthcoming book, The Anne Boleyn Collection III, plus a mention in it!

Usually, when I run a giveaway or a competition, I get you to leave a comment about something, but this one’s a bit different. You can enter in lots of different ways and also ‘earn’ extra entries by taking ‘actions’, for example, just visiting The Anne Boleyn Files Facebook page. As always, it’s open internationally.

Here’s the widget which allows you to enter, but if you can’t see it on your device then you can go to https://gleam.io/qj3PF/anne-boleyn-files-10-year-anniversary-giveaway

Anne Boleyn Files 10 Year Anniversary Giveaway

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19 thoughts on “Celebrating 10 Years of the Anne Boleyn Files with a giveaway!”
  1. Dear Claire, I am so excited I found all your information on Anne Boleyn! I really enjoy learning more and I am so glad I found you! I truly enjoy reading Tudor history….especially on Anne! Thank you for sharing your wealth of information! I look forward to learning more! Thank you SO much! Angela Brock-RouLaine

  2. Goodness. .how times fly when you are having Tudor Fun.
    Many Congratulations Claire you are a Stalwart in your quest of providing us with the facts, not only about Anne but of all this fascinating period of history
    It has been far from an easy journey for you to achieve what you have here and beyond, and I know there have been times when you have felt like ‘throwing in the towel’ for different reasons. .but you battled on. And I for one appreciate and glad you did..as I bet Anne is too. You have shown great strength of character, determination and dedication in your work..not to mention your incredible knowledge on the subject.
    I hope the day comes when you are seen as one of the leading experts that I believe you are along with Professor Ives and fellow historians .
    Well done Claire. .and Thank you for both your tuiton and your friendship .

  3. Congratulations Claire on such an awesome website! As I told you a while back I have been interested in this subject for about 40 years. Ever since my wife when we were dating had me watch Anne of the thousand days. After that I read every book on the subject I could from our local libraries. And then I took a break. About 5 years ago I was looking up something online and accidentally ran across your website. I don’t remember what I was looking up but after reading the stuff you posted I was absolutely hooked. It was so nice to discover that so many people were interested in the same subject. And not just that, people from all over the world. I love that when you write a post you cite where you got your information so that we can do our own research. I also very much appreciate that your goal is to correct the lies of people like Nicholas sander and our own contemporaries who continue to promote a lot of these terrible things that have come out over the centuries.

    Your giveaway is wonderful. The only thing I would really like to win is your course on Anne Boleyn. I have all of your books and I have an Elizabeth t-shirt. I am so looking forward to your upcoming book The Anne Boleyn Collection III. I really hope that you continue this website for another 10 years as I will follow it every step of the way. I so much enjoy this. Thank you for what you are doing. (that goes for the videos too)

    1. In reference to your owner who appeared briefly in the video: If kitties had more power they would all demand to be called ‘Majesty’. Beautiful cat. I love seeing your animals.

  4. Congrats on 10 years with The Anne Boleyn files! Thank you so much for everything you do. Just entered the giveaway. Love The Tudor society with all the wonderful authors and speakers. I’m learning so much all the time. I enjoy your daily videos every day. ☺

  5. Congratulations Claire it really is a wonderful site, and I have learnt such a lot as well about Anne as well as the period she lived in and other fascinating figures who lived in those times as well, I enjoy the daily videos and it’s a treat to see your cat walking about sometimes, and to hear the bell ringing in the distance, the other day I heard a woof, I bet your pets love the videos as well! Long may the Anne Boleyn Files continue!

  6. As a Brereton (& I’ve stood where he was executed in London!), I’d LOVE to win! This is such a wonderful site!

  7. Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary. Always good to read your articles or listen to your videos. It’s amazing that you have been researching and working so hard on this and the sister sites. You really do work hard. Very well done.

  8. Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary! It really is a delight to read the articles on here and seeing the videos of, On this day in Tudor History. The history covers 6 monarchs and I am really a big fan. Thank you for taking your time to respond to my questions.

  9. Love this website. I learn so much. I just wish I could enter the giveaway. I can’t get it to work. It keeps telling me to enter my details when I already have (name, email, birthday).

    1. Ellen,
      I wonder if it’s the date of birth box that’s the problem. It’s DD/MM/YYYY but I’ve just had one lady who tried to fill it in with her month of birth first, rather than the date. Please can you just check that you are filling it in correctly? Thanks!

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