There are quite literally thousands of posts here on the Anne Boleyn Files blog about Anne Boleyn, the Boleyn family and the period in which they lived, and these can be found and read by using the “Categories” section in the left-hand side menu bar or by using the Google Search box in the right-hand side menu bar. If you have spare time on your hands, then do browse through the archives.

But I thought it would be fun and interesting to do a series answering your questions on Anne Boleyn and her family. Whether you’re a newbie or someone who has been reading about the Boleyns for years, I’m sure you have a question that you’d like answered, either for yourself or because you’d think it would be good for others to read. So, have a think and then write your question in the comments section below this post. Please don’t worry about your question being “silly” or too basic, just ask! There are no silly questions as far as I’m concerned because we all have very different levels of knowledge about these people. I’ll then create a list of these questions and start answering them.

Note: Although it’s tempting to answer each other’s questions, I’d really like the comments section to be questions only. When I answer them in the future then I’d of course welcome feedback and for other Anne Boleyn Files followers to share their views and answers too, but for now I’d like to leave these questions unanswered – thank you!

Ask away!

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