#BoleynisBack – Anne Boleyn has returned!

Great news! Queen Anne Boleyn is back! And yesterday she took over the Tower of London’s Twitter account using #BoleynisBack.

What did she get up to?

Well….she travelled by tube, visited Boleyn Road and “The Queen’s Head” pub, checked out Whitehall, took a selfie with her portrait at the NPG, enjoyed some coffee, and visited Westminster Abbey, St James’s Palace and Greenwich. She seemed to have a lot of fun!

Her tweets are still there for you to enjoy at https://twitter.com/TowerOfLondon.

In her last tweet, she promised to be dropping by the Tower of London on Saturday so do look out for her if you’re visiting!

From 6th May to 28th August 2018, the Tower is also the venue for a play called “The Last Days of Anne Boleyn”. It will be performed at the Tower twice a day and you can find out more at www.thestage.co.uk/news/.

P.S. If you’re going to the Tower on 19th May then do look out for me and come and say hello.

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17 thoughts on “#BoleynisBack – Anne Boleyn has returned!”
  1. Wow! Wished I was in UK right now. Would loved to have meet her. She looks pretty good for someone who is almost 500 years-old.

  2. Brilliant fun….until she got to the Tower….not a single smile amongst the drum beaters. Scary- gives you a tiny glimpse into what it might have really felt like- for her- given that the charges were “trumped up”. The injustice and confusion she must have felt.

    What do you think QAB would have made of her fame (infamy) centuries later?

    1. Hallo, I’m an actress/opera singer in the play at the Tower currently (I play Lady Kingston). The lady in the funny tweets with the cell phone is a different person to the one playing Anne Boleyn in the play. Amy Cudden plays Anne and was the one in the boat from Greenwich. The journey on the 5th was very emotional for all of us, and the performance on the 19th of May particularly moving. We held a small ceremony for Anne and read a poem which she is attributed to having written on the eve of her execution, we then all laid roses on the site of her execution. Despite doing 10 shows a week in very hot weather in full Tudor dress whilst being very heavily pregnant, I continue to find poor Anne’s experiences incredibly moving.

  3. Is the script of the play available for purchase anywhere? I’m in the US, but would love to read it! 🙂

    1. Yes! Did you follow it all on Saturday? They told some historians, authors and bloggers in advance but we weren’t allowed to mention it as they wanted it to be a complete surprise. They did a wonderful job with the arrests, the river journey, the fake news reports etc. They live tweeted as events unfolded and retweeted other people who were in London taking photos etc. It was very well done.

  4. Oh, I just found the info on the Tower of London’s Twitter.

    The ‘Breaking News’ press conference with Cromwell announcing the Queen’s arrest is a hoot!

    I like how they have ‘Anne’ reaching the Tower by the steps at Tower Wharf. This is historically accurate. I wonder if the actress then entered by the Byward Tower (the Court Gate) as well as the real Anne did.

    I do think they should have had an actor playing the Duke of Norfolk in the barge also. He could’ve ‘tut-tutted’ ‘Anne’ during the boat ride. : )

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