On Saturday 23rd February 2019, I did a live Q&A session on Anne Boleyn via the Anne Boleyn Files and Tudor Society YouTube channel. This was an opportunity for Anne Boleyn Files followers and my channel viewers to ask questions about Anne Boleyn and her family.

It was good fun and there were some excellent questions, although there was no way that I could answer all of them. I’ll definitely be doing another one in the future.

If you were not able to attend, don’t worry, you can catch up with the video replay below. Please do consider subscribing to my channel and hitting the bell to be notified regarding new videos as then you will definitely hear about live events in the future – click here.

Thank you to everyone who came.

By the way, Fern Nissenbaum was the winner of our 10 year anniversary giveaway. Congratulations to Fern!

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4 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn Q&A replay”
  1. Actually didn’t join in on Saturday because I was knackered after the Lantern festival here in our park, which was a huge floating city all lit up on the lake and it took a long time to walk around, with breaks but it was beautiful.

    Enjoyed watching the video and the many questions, very interesting.

    The thing about the assassination on Anne Boleyn and her groom/guard on the back of her coach being killed is a made up scene in the Tudors. It has William Brererton attempt to shoot her, but the gun jammed and he tried again and a groom was killed, then he was brushed under a table and covered up. He is acting as a papal agent which of course he wasn’t, but it was a dramatic way of saying Anne may not have been accepted by everyone. I doubt that this happened and as you said, Claire, it isn’t in any source or mentioned anywhere else.

  2. I did really enjoy the live chat and so glad you are doing another.I thought everyone asked really great questions.Still a lot to be explored so I loved the idea for this.Thank you,Claire.

  3. No that assassination attempt was fiction, however there was an occasion where Anne before her marriage was dining or was on her way to dine at a friends house, and a great mob of disgruntled angry women attempted to seize her, death would surely have met them had they succeeded in laying one finger on her, but they hated her for displacing the true Queen Katherine, in their anger they had no fear of repurcussion, they did not succeed but Anne and her companions must have been extremely frightened as what those hard faced London women would do to her, had they caught her, Anne knew she was not popular and I think this irked her, as after her marriage she devoted herself to finding ways to help the poor and doing charitable work, she tried to be a good queen but sadly she failed just as Katherine had, because she could not give the King a son.

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