Anne Boleyn Files Website Upgrade

Aug25,2011 #The Anne Boleyn Files
Me and the lovely Tim who keeps The AB Files on the road!

Thank you for your patience today! Tim has been busy upgrading The Anne Boleyn Files website and what he hoped would take a morning turned out to take the whole day, and he’s still working on it now while tearing his hair out at the same time!

We have to do regular upgrades due to the growth of the site. Although it’s a hassle, it’s good news because we’re growing rapidly and I feel very blessed. Who knew that there would be so many people who cared about Anne Boleyn in the world! The other piece of good news is that it means that the site will run faster and smoother – hurray!

Anyway, the site is working but there are bound to be ‘bugs’ and issues that need ironing out so please do email me at if you spot something. Thank you again for your support, friendship and interest in The Anne Boleyn Files.

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