Happy New Year!

I’m starting the New Year off with exciting news – Kris, the lady who makes our French hoods, is going to make custom, handmade-to-order Tudor gowns for the site! Yay!

Obviously we want to start off with Anne Boleyn and we also want to start by launching one gown so that Kris can get material sorted and get herself organised, so we want to know which of the five following gowns you would like her to make first. All you have to to do is view the slideshows at the bottom of the post and then vote for your favourite, the one you think we should launch first.  Please vote and help us out with this.

Dress Details

The Anne Boleyn Red Dress

This lovely red dress is worn by Natalie Dormer in the promo shot for “The Tudors – Season 1” and in the scene with her father, Thomas Boleyn.

[slideshow id=169 w=200 h=300]

The Anne Boleyn Blue Dress

This pretty blue dress is worn by Natalie in Season 2 when she hints that she is pregnant by saying to Thomas Wyatt that she “has a hankering for apples”. This dress is also featured on the cover of Philippa Gregory’s “The Virgin’s Lover”.

[slideshow id=170 w=200 h=300]

The Marquess of Pembroke Dress

This gorgeous red dress is worn by Natalie Dormer in Season 2 when Anne Boleyn is made Marquess of Pembroke.

[slideshow id=171 w=200 h=300]

The Anne Boleyn Yellow Dress

This stunning dress is worn by Natalie Dormer in the Season 2 scene when Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn celebrate after hearing of Catherine of Aragon’s death.

[slideshow id=172 w=200 h=300]

The Anne Boleyn Execution Dress

Natalie Dormer wears this elegant dress in the tragic Anne Boleyn execution scene in Season 2.

[slideshow id=173 w=200 h=300]

Remember, we already offer “The Tudors” replica jewelry and headdresses, and also handmade French Hoods. See our Products Page for details. Thanks for your help!

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93 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn Dresses”
  1. I voted for the red dress (maybe because it’s the first one I saw), but I’d be thrilled to have any of them! I hope you make them all so that I can order them!

  2. I voted the yellow because it is very elegant with those long full sleeves, and the head dress is fun. And I also thought of the seamstress having to make some of the others I felt they may have been more involved and harder to make!

  3. I voted the execution dress, but I love the Marquess of Pembroke too… I choose the execution one because of her sober colours.

  4. I voted for the blue dress, but “our” Anne is such a beauty she could wear any color and style. So can you, Natalie!

  5. I voted for the Marquess of Pembroke!! It is stunning and (sentimentally) I would like to see a dress from a “High Point” in her life. The execution dress is very lovely as well, but it brings a tear to my eye.

  6. Well, this was a tough decision because I love all of these!!! I would wear any of them. But I vote for the blue dress, as I’m sure Henry was most pleased to see his Anne in this beautiful gown!! Thank you, Winter Blessings to all of you!

  7. Thanks for all the votes and comments, ladies. It is so hard to choose isn’t it? I am tempted to get Kris to make me the Marquess of Pembroke dress to wear one evening at Hever Castle on The Anne Boleyn Experience in May. Can you imagine wearing an Anne Boleyn gown at Hever?!!! I also like the yellow one but I’m not sure it would suit my colouring, never really worn yellow.

  8. I voted the Marquis of Pembroke Dress It has a Beautiful Luxurious look to it and is very regal looking in its stunning Red Colour, but they ae basically all beautiful dresses

  9. I voted for the Marquis of Pembroke Dress – I thought it was absolutely stunning when
    Natalie wore iit in The Tudors..

  10. Marquis Of Pembroke Dress – Extremely Regal (without the furs) Stunning and she was at one of her happiest moments in her life (I would imagine) Natalie carries it off beautifully.

  11. I loved them all and dearly hope I can afford to buy the chosen one (and others!) but I voted for the yellow because she looks so joyful and it is a ‘happy’ colour.

  12. I have to choose only one! that is sooo unfair! lol. its hard they are all so beautiful, but I choose the Marquess of Pembroke dress, though her yellow one is close behind 🙂

  13. Me, Cindy Fuerst, My first choice would be Marquess of Pembroke second the exacution, third yellow , are you going to make yellow head dress too?I ready when you are . You know I am your favorite fan.

  14. I love all the choices, but I feel the Anne Boleyn Red Dress would be flattering on almost any figure because of the exquisite details that surround the bodice. Beautiful!!

  15. i picked the pembroke dress. i love that dress on her soo much!!! what dresses i want are the brown dress anne wears in the winter time when her and henry are walking out in the snow and her tower of london black dress!!! i love those ones, because they look like real tudor dresses. of course i love all of the anne boleyn costumes!!! i can’t wait to get enough money to get one!!!!

  16. I voted for the execution dress; it’s just so elegant. But I liked the Marquess of Pembroke dress equally well.

  17. They are all lovely, but I voted for the Marquess of Pembroke dress – it just has such a beautiful rich scarlet color!

  18. Wow!!! Now I have to find some way to get money for a dress!! I voted for the Marquess dress, I love red, it just looks so elegant and beautiful!!

  19. I think you should get a dress for Hever Claire. I have a very simple dress and an equally cheap French hood and I can guarantee that you feel differently in these clothes than in jeans and a t shirt! I stood up straighter and felt more beautiful. I would love to hear from others how they feel in their dresses. I felt like a princess LOL! All the dresses that Natalie wore were gorgeous, but she is so pretty that she would look good in anything! You might want to think about shoes – the ones I found online looked like brown ballet flats. I am not sure what shoes Natalie wore but would love to know if she wore heels at all.

  20. I voted for the Pembroke dress. Natalie looked absolutely striking in it and the red screams out the passion between her and Henry…the love, hate and everything in between. I look forward to seeing the finished product and possibly owning one someday. Thank you Kris for making such beautiful products to honor Anne and Claire…your site is perfection. You give us all an open door to the history of Anne that we thirst for. I light up whenever I receive an update on latest news, merchandise and especially your insight into Anne herself. You do a beautiful job in keeping her legacy alive.

    Thank you so much!
    May receive all the blessings you deserve in your New Year!

  21. I liked all of the dresses too, hard to chose, but I prefer the yellow dress, with the execution dress a close second. I am with Ashley, hope I can afford one, it would be nice to have, only us Anne Bolelyn fans would understand!LOL.

  22. oh this just made the site even better!
    i already adore this site but oh my goodness now we are gonna have Anne’s gowns!!! 🙂

    love it.

  23. I voted for the execution dress – elegant in its simplicity and by far the most historically accurate. One thing that bugs me about The Tudors is the inaccuracy of the costumes – though they are stunning (and to actually own any of the dresses would be amazing!) So being the complete pedant I am about the Tudor period -LOL- the execution dress just beats out the Pembroke dress (my second favourite!)

  24. all of the dresses are gorgeous, but i voted for the red dress- because the deep crimson type of red was anne’s favorite color(:

  25. Hello Belle!
    Could you explain to me what is “wrong” about the other dresses (except for the execution one)? Which element is not historically accurate? I’m really interested in knowing more about the actual Tudor dresses!

  26. Hi Eliza,
    I think that Belle means that these dresses were not the style worn in the reign of Henry VIII. Michael Hirst has been quoted as saying that he used costume styles from a slightly later period, more Elizabethan, because they were more beautiful. I think the show took many liberties but I love the dresses anyway, fabulous! I can’t wait to wear one!

  27. Claire – you are correct in your response to Eliza – Tudor gowns were much more sedate – and most of the styles used in the Tudor’s were a combination of Tudor and Elizabethan with some modern elements included…a great example is the headpieces from the show – no respecting young women or old would have worn their hair down – a proper Tudor women always have their hair covered..but like most of you I also love the look and am looking forward to drafting these pattens out and creating an adaptation of each of them….

  28. Thanks for the answer, Claire! I just wanted to know what was different in the original Tudor dresses. For example, were the originals’ sleeves longer etc. or the neckline not so deep?

  29. I can’t decide between the Marquess and yellow one. She looks so happy in the yellow one. But, as it is in celebration of Katherine’s death, it’s sad too as she was a victim of Henry’s too.

  30. Hi Eliza!
    Claire and Kris are both right in saying that The Tudors took a lot of liberties with the costumes – many of the elements didn’t come into vogue until later in Elizabeths reign (for example ruffs and lace) and even later. Another example would be the sleeves – several of the dresses pictured have very tight sleeves when the fashion in the 1530’s was for the hanging sleeves. A very good example of this is in Holbeins portrait of Jane Seymour. I hope this helps!

  31. The first dress looks very similar to the red Florentine dress on museumreplicas.com, only with a different brocade patten on the bodice and skirt…

  32. Ironically, the execution dress is the most beautiful design, but I can’t vote for it because…you know…the execution. =:o

  33. I’d love to wear the execution dress at the Tower on May 19th at The Anne Boleyn Experience 2010. I’ve got dark hair, so it might make people think back to The Tudors and realise what day it is. What do you reckon??

  34. Claire – I think you would look great in the “execution dress”. Could you get some of your friends to dress as ladies-in-waiting? Wouldn’t that look really cool to see you and your attendants entering the church? By the way, I hope you plan on taking many photos of the trip and include as many AB fans as possible!

  35. clair i think is a wonderfull idea you should wear that dress… I personaly love the red one but i would love to have them all!!

  36. I had a question. Would this lady be willing to do custom orders? I am looking for a wedding dress from this era, but am unable to find many dressmakers familiar with this style. I would be willing to pay extra. If she has contact info that anyone could share with me, I’d much appreciate it. Thanks!

  37. Claire,
    I would also like it if you could put me in contact with Kris. My own wedding is coming up in 3 years and I wanted a Tudor-inspired gown to wear. 🙂 I love them all btw, and will most likely work on getting them all for my collection lol. I love you’re site as well. Thanks

  38. I just found and subscribed to your site yesterday, so please accept apologies for a late response. I am torn between the Pembroke and Execution dresses. For myself to wear, though, my favorite is the yellow gown. Gorgeous.

  39. the marquess of pembroke dress looks best on Natalie Dormer and is so beautiful 🙂
    please start with this one

  40. Hi Karla,
    Yes, they will. I’m not in the US so I’m making sure that they will be available to all those who don’t live in the US. Kris is investigating the best shipping solutions as obviously they will be rather large items.

  41. omg, that´s so cool! I love it all! But I love red, so…I like the first one the most. The pembroke is gorgeous as well. gee, I woulod have it all if I could, lol.

  42. Iam playing Anne boleyn in a upcomming local play.When I told my producer about the dresses.He told me not in the budget.And but my best I want it pout didn’t work.Shame darn.I love the yellow dress.Such a happy dress.One she would likey wear in spring or early summer.We reherst in reverse with the excution acts first and the begining acts last as this gives the actor’s a feeling of were we are going.In the play.And I was so in to my lower lip was trembling saying the last prayers. but if I can swing it I will get one of the dresses with my pay. 🙂


  44. I was wondering if she could make the white dress from season 1…. I think it is episode five that Natalie wears it. It seems like a shear fabric, but it is one of my favorites… Besides the red gown she wears when we first see her at the treaty signing between France and England. I really would love to have that dress, seeing as it is definitely my favorite.

  45. The reason Anne and Henry the 8th are wearing yellow is not to celebrate the death of Catherine of Aragon it’s because Catherine was from Spain and in Spain the colour of mourning is yellow. They were actually in mourning for her death. The only reason Anne is so happy is that she just found out that she is pregnant.

  46. I think the thing about yellow being a colour of mourning in Spain has been used as a excuse for Henry and Anne’s behaviour that day, as I live in Spain and try as I might I have never found mention of yellow being a colour of mourning, it seems to have always been black. I did find mention that executioners used to wear yellow though.

    On hearing of Catherine’s death, Henry cried “God be praised that we are free from all suspicion of war!”. The next day, Henry and Anne appeared dressed in yellow (some say just Henry) and Henry paraded little Elizabeth around before jousting began. Chapuys, the Imperial ambassador, was insulted by their behaviour and I don’t think he would have been if he had felt that they were wearing yellow to mourn Catherine.

  47. Would you be able to make the red dress that Anne Boleyn wears in The Tudors when ‘showing’ Henry her new motto written on a piece of ribbon. Do you know which one I am talking about??

  48. I would like to see a movie about the Tudors wherein they wear their day to clothes, and not the ceremonial and special events cloth. Also the prepration for dressing for special events. They could not have worn these complicated costumes on a daily basis, nor for most of the day. These would have been kept pristine for a special occasion.

  49. I really like the green, blue next, then red.. I do have a question. Why are these not worn with a chemise. i noticed in the movie the ladies did have on chemises. Just curious. I too am a costumer and do a lot of Tudor, Elizabethan, and Italian Ren,(these are my favorites) When i use these styles, i most always use a chemise.

    1. Hi Karla,
      The dresses we offer at the moment are based on “The Tudors” series and so are replicas of those and they were not worn with a chemise.

    1. This one is a replica of what Natalie Dormer wore in “The Tudors” but according to contemporary sources, Anne Boleyn wore a robe of grey or black damask trimmed with ermine, with a crimson kirtle underneath and an English style gable hood.

    1. Our costumer, Kris, can make cloaks so please email me and let me know whether you’d like it in any particular fabric and what your budget is.

  50. Hi Claire!

    Very happy to discover your site which I like very much.
    I like history very much and interested in the Tudor’s one especially.
    I would, also, want to buy one of the dresses – I like all of them but the budget 🙂 ….. – , so I decided that ” The Marquess of Pembroke Dress” is the one I prefer the most.
    Please tell me how much it cost in total (dress and shipping) and how long it takes to be made.
    May I find the necklace on this site or is coming with the dress?

    I am looking forward for your answer as soon as possible.

    Thank you!

  51. I’m so disappointed that the dresses aren’t made anymore!
    I was hoping I may have been able to buy one for when I meet Natalie Dormer in the summer! Are you able to point me in the direction of someone who does create dresses?

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