Anne Boleyn Dresses

Posted By on January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

I’m starting the New Year off with exciting news – Kris, the lady who makes our French hoods, is going to make custom, handmade-to-order Tudor gowns for the site! Yay!

Obviously we want to start off with Anne Boleyn and we also want to start by launching one gown so that Kris can get material sorted and get herself organised, so we want to know which of the five following gowns you would like her to make first. All you have to to do is view the slideshows at the bottom of the post and then vote for your favourite, the one you think we should launch first.  Please vote and help us out with this.

Dress Details

The Anne Boleyn Red Dress

This lovely red dress is worn by Natalie Dormer in the promo shot for “The Tudors – Season 1” and in the scene with her father, Thomas Boleyn.

[slideshow id=169 w=200 h=300]

The Anne Boleyn Blue Dress

This pretty blue dress is worn by Natalie in Season 2 when she hints that she is pregnant by saying to Thomas Wyatt that she “has a hankering for apples”. This dress is also featured on the cover of Philippa Gregory’s “The Virgin’s Lover”.

[slideshow id=170 w=200 h=300]

The Marquess of Pembroke Dress

This gorgeous red dress is worn by Natalie Dormer in Season 2 when Anne Boleyn is made Marquess of Pembroke.

[slideshow id=171 w=200 h=300]

The Anne Boleyn Yellow Dress

This stunning dress is worn by Natalie Dormer in the Season 2 scene when Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn celebrate after hearing of Catherine of Aragon’s death.

[slideshow id=172 w=200 h=300]

The Anne Boleyn Execution Dress

Natalie Dormer wears this elegant dress in the tragic Anne Boleyn execution scene in Season 2.

[slideshow id=173 w=200 h=300]

Remember, we already offer “The Tudors” replica jewelry and headdresses, and also handmade French Hoods. See our Products Page for details. Thanks for your help!