Anne Boleyn Day 2017 – Schedule of events

May18,2017 #Anne Boleyn Day 2017

It’s that time of year again! Doesn’t time fly?

Here at the Anne Boleyn Files, we always pay tribute to Queen Anne Boleyn on the anniversary of her execution, 19th May 1536. While her execution is not something to be celebrated, I do like to commemorate her life by bringing together the Tudor history community, authors and readers.

Tomorrow, in association with MadeGlobal Publishing and the Tudor Society, we’ll be putting on over 12 hours of events, which include special videos, live talks, articles, quizzes, book extracts and even a storytime video. There are also Anne Boleyn themed giveaways.

Please do join us and help us pay tribute to the woman and men who are so dear to our hearts.

Here is the schedule. The times are UK times but you can convert them to your time zone at Some of the events will take place here on The Anne Boleyn Files and others on our Facebook page and at the Tudor Society website. Thank you to all the authors involved, to MadeGlobal Publishing and to Sonja for kindly donating three of her real pearl B necklaces. Thank you also to you for joining in.

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2 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn Day 2017 – Schedule of events”
  1. All l can say is ‘That’s Amazing!!’ Will try to watch as much as possible. It must have taken a lot of hard work to bring this together. All the best for The Anne Boleyn Day.

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