Anne Boleyn Day 2017 – It’s already started!

May19,2017 #Anne Boleyn Day 2017

Anne Boleyn Day 2017 kicked off at 7am UK time with me going live on Facebook introducing the day and talking about Alexander Alesius’s nightmare or vision from that day in 1536. Although you may have missed it live, you can catch up with it, and the next chat I did on Anne’s execution, on our Facebook page – click here.

At 9am UK time, my article on Anne Boleyn’s execution will go live here at the Anne Boleyn Files and on our Facebook page I will start an hour’s chat session, so I hope you can join us for that. One lucky person joining in that chat will win an Anne Boleyn Bottle Cap Necklace – good luck.

I’ve done a special talk over at the Tudor Society today on Anne Boleyn’s fall and the primary sources. Did you know that you can access a stack of primary sources at home, wherever you are in the world? Well, I tell you how to do that. The talk is open to Tudor Society members and non-members so do check it out – click here.

Here’s the schedule of today’s events (click to enlarge it):

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2 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn Day 2017 – It’s already started!”
  1. A great start to the days events, even though l only watch this after everything else!! and very eerie start to this dreadful day in 1536..

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