Happy Birthday to The Anne Boleyn Files, even though I say so myself! Yes, we are one year old today! And to celebrate we have two very special events:-

  1. The result of the Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII article competition
  2. The launch of our very first handmade Anne Boleyn dress

Happy Birthday
I will post another article launching the Anne Boleyn Marquis of Pembroke Dress, so let’s get on with announcing the winner of The Anne Boleyn Files Anniversary Competition…

Katherine Stinson, you have won a $30 Amazon voucher or Anne Boleyn Files voucher for your “Dear World” article – congratulations!

We had 15 entries to the competition and it was so hard to choose a winner as all of them were top quality articles which each took a different aspect of Anne and Henry’s story. However, the judges were unanimous in choosing Katherine’s article, which takes the form of a letter written by Henry to us, the world who judges him for his actions. Here is Katherine’s winning article:-

King Henry VIIIDear World,

I was once a simple second son, destined to don clerical robes and bless the naïve and poor with holy water. I was once a boy, who became a king when my brother died too early. I was once a man who gave in far too easily to my conscience, and more importantly, my heart. Once I believed that my reign would forever be remembered as a golden age in England, only to have that title bestowed to the daughter of the woman I had tried so immensely hard to forget.

Damn you Anne. Boleyn! I thought you were successfully out of my life that Friday morning on the Tower Green. Now the world is on your side, and my reputation is besmirched. Irony is a damned cruel mistress! So, seeing as I have all the time in the world now, I thought I would write this letter to clear up some things about my behavior as king…and especially about my feelings about HER!

First of all, Anne was not the only reason I split the Catholic Church. Conflicts with the church and state had been long brewing since BEFORE I became king, and Anne just happened to be young…. and pretty….. And at court at the perfect time. Dear Kat was a good queen, a lovely queen, but can you blame me for being incredibly bored? And Anne was so….different. A part of me still wants to believe that I was bewitched, but now I realize that the only thing that truly bewitched me was my own stupidity, and my addiction to falling in love. What truly attracted me to Anne was the fact that she wasn’t meek. She wasn’t stunning. She was driven to succeed in life. And by God, I had to make her mine. Anne Boleyn was like an exotic island that begged to be conquered. I also resolved to win her because nobody ever said no to the king of England. You probably have already noticed that everyone who did say no to me did not keep his or her heads about them for very long.

So what was different about Anne? One thing I frequently hear is, “How could he send the woman he moved heaven and earth for to her death only three years later?” Well, Anne was not very good at being at what a woman was expected to be, and frequently forgot what it meant to be an OBEDIENT subject. I was attracted to her at first because of this sadly enough. There were many pretty English flowers about my court, wanting to bloom under the light of my gaze…but Anne! Anne had already bloomed! And this king, who for so long felt incredibly withered, was drawn. Was this the beginning of what some have termed, “my downfall?” My answer is thus: I never had a downfall! Only Anne did.

Marriage did not suit her. She was more free-spirited then any man could ever be, and I couldn’t handle that. I needed a queen yes, but a queen that was to be subservient to me! She wasn’t afraid to tell me I was wrong. However, I was afraid to think that I could be wrong. Kings cannot afford to be wrong. Kings AREN’T wrong. Anne somehow failed to realize that. She also failed to realize that we were not equals in marriage. All of ye look upon me with 21st century eyes and call me a chauvinist woman hating pig. Well, I was. And so was three-quarters of men in Europe.

Finally, I outwardly and utterly admit that I believed it when Cromwell told me that Anne had made me a cuckold with Norris, Brereton, Weston, Smeaton, and Rochford. I also admit that I inwardly jumped for joy slightly at the prospect of being able to marry Jane. Did I think to actually behead Anne at first? NO! But the evidence was so overwhelming, and I could not let her live and fight for her claim to the queenship like Kat did. For while Katharine remained dignified in her respect towards me as king, I knew Anne would fight tooth and nail for herself, and Bessie. Everyone today condemns me for sending Anne to her death on trumped on charges, but you must remember, I had to trust my counselors and their word. I did not have the convenience of modern news, and communications like Tweeter, and Spacebook(is that what they are called?) Also, I could not seen to be merciful to a scheming wh*re who had embarrassed me and plotted my death! I confess to you now good people, but I was still insecure on my throne, and I did not want people to think I would be lenient to anybody who would challenge my throne, even my wife! My father had fought so hard for the throne! I wasn’t going to let it go, even for the woman I loved more than anything!

Everyone has a time in their life when they act rashly and stupidly. I believe I entered this phase of my life when I fell in love with Anne. How, you ask, could one king, so in love with the power bestowed upon him be willing to give so much of that that one Englishwoman? And how could he seemingly come to hate her so quickly? Well, I have a question for you. Have you ever been in love?

Wishing you all a Happy Anniversary, sincerely from my seat in purgatory,

King Henry Tudor of England

By Katherine Stinson

You can read the other 14 articles on our special Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII page.

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24 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII”
  1. Happy Birthday I love this side
    And that articel gave me a chill i like it maybe that could be the true .
    When love turns to hate.

  2. Happy Anniversary! And congratulations to Katherine for winning the competition 🙂

    It’s so great that people are so passionate about this subject and can rustle up 15 articles just for the sake of that passion. This website is such a brilliant resource and community. Here’s to an equally successful following year 🙂

  3. HAPPY BRITHDAY ANNE BOLEYN FILES!!!!! I must say I was disapointed when my entry didn’t win now I am not – Katherine that was brillint! genuis! I loved it, made me laugh. I think its perfectly from Henry’s pov!. oh Well done!

  4. Katherine,

    Brilliant article – I was tempted, did actually write but never sent (because I was unhappy with teh flow) a 21st century version of Anne Boleyn’s point of view. But it was not a patch on what you have written.


    And Happy Birthday Anne Boleyn Files – Discovering it in Se`pt/Oct. last year cetainly cganged my life and for teh better!!

  5. Happy anniversary Anne Boleyn Files! And Katherine – what an amazing article, particularly the last line! Almost makes you sorry for him!!!!!!


    I hope that there many many birthdays yet to come!! 🙂

    And congratulations to the winning author!! I laughed a lot with the “Spacebook” line! I’m going to read all the entries!

  7. I never wrote nor posted an entry to the Anne Boleyn Files I am afraid to say but looking back on the subject I wish I did.I think that what Katherine wrote was well written,I liked what I read.Well done Mistress Stinson.! 🙂

  8. What a wonderful article! You’re really talanted in creative writing,Katherine ! Great work! And also congratulations to the Anne Boleyn Files ! I wish and hope for lots of more years of this website filled with information about Anne and her time ! Maybe we will discover lots more facts about her! ♥ Sophie

  9. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, it has been a wonderful first year and I’m so glad that I had the dream that started it, even if it was rather chilling!

  10. Have you posted up anything about your dream, Claire? I’d be interested to hear about it if you’re willing to share 🙂

  11. OMG OMG OMG I WON REALLY? I am honored to have been picked! Thanks so much! Wow. COOL. And thanks everyone for your kind comments! I appreciate all of them very much. It has always been my dream to be a writer! Thanks so much Claire, and Happy Birthday to you and your website!:D I love this website so much! *Goes off to look for something to buy* Haha:)


  12. All of the other entries are so amazing! I read them all. Wow, I am still amazed I got picked. Thanks so much again!!(I’ve said that many times haven’t I?)

  13. That was incredible! It was so creatively written. Congratulations Katherine, and happy birthday to the Anne Boleyn Files!

  14. Hi Beth,
    I had my dream in January last year and I can’t remember all of the details, but it involved Anne’s execution and I remember waking up all tearful and emotional and distraught that I hadn’t been able to prevent it. I then woke up my husband and announced that I was going to start a website called The Anne Boleyn Files, taking the name from The X Files whose tag line was “The Truth is Out There” as I felt that I wanted to find out the truth about Anne Boleyn and share it with others. I never realised that there were so many people out there also wanting to know about Anne!

  15. So you are the Mulder and Scully of Tudor history? 🙂 Perhaps Anne decided to make you her spokesperson. I’m a bit psychic so I like to believe anything is possible where spiritual things are concerned.

  16. Happy belated birhtday!!! Since finding you last December after my first trip to England (I live in Arizona, USA), I absolutely adore checking in every few days. Thank you for your wonderful website which feeds my insatiable hunger for all things Anne related.

  17. Oh MY GOSH, what a remarkably strong and brave woman Ann Boleyn was.

    I can completely understand now, where Elizabeth !st’ sense of strength and brilliance came from.She was totally her mother’s daughter.

    That Mr. Pig face Henry must have felt very threatened by Ann’s dramatic composure, next to his own ugly fat apearance.

    I love brave women. Perhaps it’s because being a total coward myself, I admire female courage.
    Femininity is the epitomy of strength and boldness, and men will always feel threatened by that, whether they are Henry 8th, Prince Charles or Santa Clause.

    I went to the dentist yesterday to have a tooth pulled. He he gave me five perfectly painless injections., but despite this, I persisted in causing such a needless display of ‘ will this hurt ‘ cry baby cowardlyness, that the dignity displayed by the noble, gracious and stoic Ann Boleyn at the moment of fdecapitation, made me realise that next time, I ought to behave more like a woman, than a crybaby coward.

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