I always find it heartwarming that Anne Boleyn inspires so many people to produce creative work on her and Anne Boleyn Files visitor, Melissa Wells just sent me this wonderful poem on her:-

Dancing she did, that beguiling courtier
Dark eyes held that of a king
Laughing, she bewitched is the tale
Not knowing her demise it would bring

Temptress and hellion
A sorceress uncompared
Casting a faithful queen aside he did
As if he had never cared

Beside him she reigned
And her enemies did quake
For she showed them all
Their lives she did take

Months turned to Years
No heir was begotten
Tossed in a tower
This queen was forgotten

Mock was the trial
That claimed to be true
A king brought forth lies
This queen all but through

Papers were extended
To sign she was told
Her life for her confession
And freedom she would behold

Sign though she did
The axeman did concede
To do away with the innocent
Because of a kings selfish need

By Melissa M. Wells

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6 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn: A Poem”
  1. I really find the lives of Henry VIII’s wives so fascinating but Anne’s story has always been my favorite. I guess because of the way that she bacame Queen. It started out that she caught Henry’s eye and he wanted her as his mistress but she wasn’t having that. She worked her way up to be his Queen, setting aside his wife and Queen of so many years, which was nearly impossible at the time. You start off disliking her but end up pitying her in the end. She’s the Queen that inspires so many mixed feelings, which is what makes her so interesting!

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