Advent Treats from the Anne Boleyn Files and Tudor Society

You may be wondering why there aren’t any new articles going on the Anne Boleyn Files at the moment. Well, there actually are, it’s just that they’re all going on the Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar page.

Each day, there is a new Tudor treat for you to enjoy and I do hope you’re enjoying it. We have some wonderful authors, historians and artists involved.

To access the Advent Calendar, you can either click on the header at the top of this page or go to Remember to check back every day!

Another thing I’m involved in is the Tudor Society ‘virtual’ Advent calendar on Facebook. Every day, until Christmas, I am talking live using ‘Facebook Live’ on the Tudor Society Facebook page. I’m sharing all kinds of Tudor treats that way – on this day in history events, Tudor trivia, talks on Tudor life, book recommendations… you name it! If you’d like to see those then you can go and ‘like’ and ‘follow’ the Tudor Society Facebook page – click here.

Thank you for all the lovely comments I’ve received about the two advent calendars. I love organising it all, it’s fun, although going live on Facebook is a little scary!

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7 thoughts on “Advent Treats from the Anne Boleyn Files and Tudor Society”
  1. Another wonderful article. Your posting on every day have been wonderful and it was good of you to share again the emotional and sad story of your friend and the friendship of Maria de Salanais and Catherine of Aragon. It was very moving.

    Today is also the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary and also the Birth of Mary Queen of Scots. Imagine becoming Queen at the age of six days! James was very depressed after his defeat at Solway Moss and legend says he was told he had a daughter and saw the end of the Stewart line as it began with a female marriage to a noble lord. He is said to have said: It began with a lass and will end with a lass. As much as Mary’s reign ended in tragic loss, defeat, murder and the loss of her throne, she did start well for three years. She wasn’t the last of course as her line continued in her son, James Vi and ist of England.

    The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, that Mary was kept pure and holy is often believed to be modern because it was only defined as a doctrine in the 1800s, but records of a festival celebration go back to the 7th century. I almost forgot the other day was the Feast of Saint Nicholas. As its cold and snowing today I am staying put with wine, hot spicy tea and mince pies. Cheers.

    1. Actually James was right as the Stuart’s line ended with a lass – Queen Anne who was the last of the Stuart’s, and her death without an heir gave way to the Hanoveran monarchs, I’d just like to say I’m really enjoying the advent calendar to, there’s always something exciting behind each little window! ☃

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