Me and Henry with Hever in the background

Just a quick post to let you know that I will be launching next year’s tours (yes, there are two!) here at The Anne Boleyn Files on Wednesday 2nd June so you haven’t got much longer to wait! Subscribers will get advance notice by email on Monday but I will put full details here in a post on Wednesday.

Here is a little teaser…

The Executed Queens Tour May 2011

This tour will run from lunchtime on the 15th May 2011 until the morning of Saturday 21st May and will be split between two sites: Bosworth Hall Hotel, a 17th century mansion in the Midlands, and Hever Castle. Day trips and talks will focus on Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Lady Jane Grey and Mary Queen of Scots, and our speakers are Dr John Guy, Leanda de Lisle and Professor Eric Ives.

Cost – May 2011

Single £2000
Twin £1899 per person
Double £1700 per person

The Anne Boleyn Experience July 2011

This tour will be like this May’s tour and will be based at Hever Castle. It will run from the afternoon of Monday 18th July to the morning of Friday 22nd July and Anne Boleyn will be our focus. We will visit the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace and Professor Eric Ives will be one of our speakers.

Looking towards Hever Castle lake

Cost – July 2011

Prices frozen so same as this year’s
Single £1850
Twin £1749 per person
Double £1550 per person

Fulldetails of itineraries etc. on Wednesday, so keep an eye on the site and your emails if you’re a subscriber. See you in 2011!

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29 thoughts on “Advance Notice – Tours 2011”
  1. Better get saving!

    I love that red Pembroke dress you’re wearing, Claire. It’s gorgeous!


  2. That’s insane….it’s like Nerd (me) heaven. If there’s any way at all I can manage it….Sounds amazing.

  3. John Guy, Leanda de Lisle AND Eric Ives. I think you can probably count me in! It sounds wonderful, and I’m so glad you all had a great time this year.

  4. The Executed Queens Tour sounds wonderful — I want to go! Can hardly wait for the details. Hélas, I am on a fixed income in the States. I might have to wait a few years unless I win big on “Jeopardy!” or the lottery, God willing 🙂


  5. OMG I wanna go so badly!! Waiting to see how much it costs so maybe I can start saving! ::Fingers crossed!::

  6. This sounds to good to be true! Claire, I just have to say how gorgeous you look in your Pembroke dress and the tiara is awesome. You should model more of the outfits with the jewelry.

  7. Thank you, lisaannejane, I did enjoy dressing up although Henry was a bit cheeky! It was really special dressing up and having photos taken with the castle in the background, it was like going back in time.

    I’m so glad that you guys like the sound of the tours, you do realise that the only reason I’m doing 2 is because it gives me the excuse to go back to Hever twice!! I’ve got such bad withdrawal symptoms, I didn’t realise you could become addicted to a place!

  8. Claire,
    While looking lovely and amazing with Henry in front of Hever, it makes me nervous for your welfare dear…remember have no opinion, smile stupidly, and stammer ‘yes your majesty’ frequently..

  9. Awesome! We live in the States and this would be an excellent opportunity to spend our 26th wedding anniversary next year. Keep me posted please.

  10. This is wonderful news. I am saving pennys now for it. My S.O. keeps telling people that if I ever get to England I wil never come back. He may be right on that!

  11. SO hard to choose!!! I’m more interested in the Anne Boleyn tour (because she’s my favorite) but coming all the way from the U.S. I really want to see the Tower of London on May 19th. 475 years is a big anniversary! What to do? What to do?

  12. I am just liking the picture of you Madame Ridgeway standing next to his majesty the king in your red pembroke dress, The symbol of catholic maytrdom. 🙂
    I would be interested in coming along to this event that you have arranged aswell as meeting with his majesty, since I missed the first event it is only right that I do not miss the second.
    It all sounds so swell, Please give my regards to Henry Tudor for me, Regards to you Claire too, Curtsies. 🙂

  13. Do the prizes are for all the tour? (I mean for the 4 days) I’m interested and a friend too, so I can let her know the prize. Thank you in advance.

  14. Can’t wait to go back in July!
    Think I’ll start my countown AGAIN on facebook- that will surely annoy most of my friends on

  15. Hi Jessica,
    The prices are for the whole tour and are inclusive of accommodation, food, day trips, speakers etc. They do not include your travel to and from the UK because people come from all over the world. I hope that helps. x

  16. Hi Claire!
    I’m so glad you will arrange a tour in July, since May-tours are impossible for me to attend. Maybe I can persuade my husband that this will be the perfect holiday trip…

  17. Thanks a lot Claire it helps. No worries, I knew it doesn’t include my travel to and from UK 🙂 I will let my friend know. I really hope I could make this tour, this is one of my dreams. xxx

  18. FYI to those “thinking” of going.

    Find a way- it is SO very worth it.
    The price is nothing in comparison to the experience!

  19. Hmmm… Claire will you be at the Tower of London on 19 May during your Executed Queens tour? And will there be lots and lots of lovely Anne Boleyn content? I am puzzling over which to attend (because you WILL find me at one or the other!) Normally I would opt for the Anne Boleyn tour but I truly want to be there for the anniversary of her execution. Call me sentimental 🙂

  20. OMG! OMG! Claire, you have no idea how excited I am that next year’s Anne Boleyn Experience is in July! 🙂 I quite literally just ran through the house in joy! lol
    Due to school, i couldn’t go this May =\ …but i’m crossing my fingers & REALLY hoping I can go next year! So excited!!!!!

  21. I’m so excited! I’ll be able to go to the Executed Queens Tour. 😀 I’ll have to start saving asap. It sounds wonderful!

  22. The sound wonderful. Maybe I can save up the money. The Executed Queens one tweaks my interest as it is near Bosworth…and I want to go to the RIII museum there…

  23. Been trying to reach you to book. How can I reserve for the July tour? Please, please email me???


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