A very Happy Easter to you all!


It’s a very different Easter this year, isn’t it? But for me, as someone who has a faith, the Easter message is even more important. It’s one of complete unconditional love, and love something we definitely need to be spreading right now. I send you bucket loads of love and hope you are safe and well.

How would the Tudors have celebrated this day, Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday. Well, the candles in the church and around the Easter sepulchre were extinguished, and then the priest would re-light them from the church fire. The Easter Sepulchre, which represented Christ’s tomb, would be opened and Christ’s resurrection would be celebrated with a special mass.

And, of course, there’d be feasting, for now Lent was over and it was time to celebrate with good food!

Here in Spain, there are usually big processions on this day and one thing I really love is the passion play of Cuevas del Campo. You can see photos I took a few years ago in an article I did for the Tudor Society – click here.

On this day in history, 12th April 1533, Anne Boleyn made her very first public appearance as King Henry VIII’s official queen consort. She didn’t half set tongues wagging when she processed to mass accompanied by 60 ladies and dressed to the nines. Find out more in last year’s video:

Our present queen, Elizabeth II, who is, of course, a descendant of not only the Tudors but of the Boleyns, gave a special Easter speech:

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