7 December – A rebel comes to a sticky end and the birth of Henry Stuart

On this day in Tudor history, 7th December 1549, rebel leader Robert Kett was hanged from the walls of Norwich Castle after being found guilty of treason. His brother William was hanged the same day, but from the steeple of Wymondham Church.

In 1549, Kett was seen as a rebel and traitor who endangered the city of Norwich, but today Norwich pays tribute to him as “a notable and courageous leader in the long struggle of the common people of England to escape from a servile life into the freedom of just conditions”.

Find out all about Robert Kett and Kett’s Rebellion in this talk…

Also on this day is the traditional date given for the birth of Henry Stuart (Stewart), Duke of Albany and Lord Darnley, in 1545.

He is known for being the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, and you can find out all about his rather colourful life, his unhappy marriage, his role in a murder, AND his own sticky end in this video…

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