On this day in Tudor history, 6th December 1573, soldier and administrator, Sir Hugh Paulet, died at his home in Hinton St George in Somerset.

He distinguished himself as a soldier in Henry VIII’s reign, served as Governor of Jersey in Edward VI’s reign, was a Protestant but survived Mary I’s reign and served as Vice-President of the Welsh marches, and had a successful career in Elizabeth I’s reign. He was an important man and a servant of the Crown, but still managed to die a natural death at his home.

Find out more about Sir Hugh Paulet, his life and career, in this talk…

Also on this day in Tudor history, I talk about the Feast of St Nicholas, and how it was the traditional day for a boy bishop to be elected.

Find out more about the tradition, why Henry VIII banned it, and how it’s been revived today, in this video

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