4 February 1520 – Mary Boleyn’s first marriage

Posted By on February 4, 2020

On this day in history, 4th February 1520, so 500 years ago today, Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne Boleyn, got married to her first husband, William Carey.

You can find out more in my “on this day” video below.

By the way, I checked on the National Archives currency converter, which only goes up to 2017 but gives us a good idea, and the king’s wedding gift of 6s. 8d. is worth approximately £173.34 in today’s money, and in 1520, it would have paid for 11 days of work from a skilled tradesman or 3 stones of wool. It wasn’t enough, however, to buy a horse or a cow.

If you’re interested in Mary Boleyn then I have a few more videos for you in my Mary Boleyn playlist:

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