Cardinal Campeggio
Cardinal Lorenzo Campeggio

On this day in history, the 29th September…

1528 – Cardinal Lorenzo Campeggio lands at Dover. See Cardinal Campeggio and the Legatine Court

1564 – Elizabeth I made Robert Dudley the Earl of Leicester. See “Robert Dudley to Marry Mary Queen of Scots?”

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2 thoughts on “29 September – On This Day In History…”
  1. Anyone notice that if you imagined a long beard on the actor that played Campeggio in The Tudors that the actor looks remarkably similar to the real man??

  2. I actually kinda feel sorry for this old guy.
    He had a long, long journey, (there and back), which must have been so painful as he is said to have suffered badly from gout, he had to try and please everyone, (impossible task considering who were involved) and seem fair to all that mattered in this matter, the Pope, Wolsey, the King, Katherine, and I suppose, God. Not suprizing he adjourned the court to ‘limp off back to Rome’, as Henry is meant to have bellowed at him.
    He was well stuck between a rock and a hard place!!
    Poor soul.

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