28 September – On This Day In History…

Sep28,2011 #Elizabeth I

Robert Devereux, Earl of EssexOn this day in history…

1599 – Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex strode into Elizabeth I’s bedchamber unannounced and saw the Queen without her makeup or wig, without her ‘mask of youth’.

This was after his unsuccessful campaign in Ireland. He had made a truce with the rebel leader, without the Queen’s permission, and then returned to England, also without the Queen’s permission. Silly man!

1553 – Mary I moved to the Tower of London to prepare herself for her coronation.



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3 thoughts on “28 September – On This Day In History…”
  1. He certainly was a ‘stupid boy’, how on earth he managed to disguise the shock on his face at seeing Elizabeth without her ‘face on’ and ‘hair done’ I don’t know.
    As for his other antics its suprizing he got away with so many before the obvious happened, could it have been the arrogance of youth that led him to believe he was untouchable, plus the fact he was Elizabeth’s favourite, a dangerous combination I think… definately a loose cannon.

  2. I can so well understand him. He had gallopped from Dublin four days & nights without sleep, thinking he carried good news! He had something of a child about him; btw. he was quite used to seeing Elizabeth in an informal attire, the problem was he came through the main door, instead of the back door. And the queen was shocked because she thought him in Ireland!

    1. He probably was used to seeing her in casual attire, Christine, but there’s casual then there’s near state of undress, which I am sure poor Elizabeth thought she was without wig and face on, she was quite vain… bet there was one of those long awkward silences in the room for a while 🙂

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