25% off online history courses 18 and 19 October

medieval_coursesI just wanted to alert you to MedievalCourses.com’s two-day flash sale (18th and 19th October) as I know many of you are interested in doing history courses. What’s great about these courses is that they’re completely online and there’s no set start/end date so you can do them at your own pace or buy now and start when you have some spare time.

Gift certificates are also available.

I’ve been involved in the preparation of these courses and can hand-on-heart recommend them. There are 5 on offer at the moment:

Click here to head on over to the course website to find out more about the courses and to find out how you can save 25%.

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2 thoughts on “25% off online history courses 18 and 19 October”
    1. Hi Rhonda,
      You can find the prices and full descriptions at https://medievalcourses.com/overview/ but here are the normal full prices:

      • The Six Wives of Henry VIII – $30
      • Warrior Kings of England – $99
      • Everyday Lives of Medieval Folk – $99
      • Heroes and Villains – $49.99
      • Richard III and the Wars of the Roses – $49.99

      They are different prices as they have different numbers of units in them. Obviously, at the moment, there is 25% off those prices.

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