22 November – Explorer Sir Martin Frobisher dies of gangrene and Sir William Butts dies from malaria


On this day in Tudor history, 22nd November 1594, naval commander, privateer and explorer, Sir Martin Frobisher, died at Plymouth. He died of gangrene after having been shot in the thigh during hand-to-hand combat during a siege.

Frobisher is best known for his three voyages in search of the Northwest Passage and his naval service during the 1588 Spanish Armada, for which he was knighted.

Find out all about the life and career of this Tudor explorer in this talk…

Also on this day in Tudor history, 22nd November 1545, Henry VIII’s trusted physician and confidant, Sir William Butts, died after suffering from malaria.

Sir William Butts was the doctor who was sent to treat Anne Boleyn, when she was ill with sweating sickness, and also advised on Princess Mary’s sickness. He was also the man King Henry VIII confided in about his problems consummating his marriage to Anne of Cleves.

He was obviously a man the king could trust.

You can find out more about him in this video…

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