21 October – Lancaster Herald’s encounter with rebels and Henry VIII’s time at the French court.

On this day in Tudor history, 21st October 1536, during the Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion, Lancaster Herald had an encounter with armed peasants on his way to Pontefract Castle and then met with the rebel leader, Robert Aske, at the castle.

The meeting didn’t go well, with Aske putting his foot down and not allowing the herald to complete his mission.

What was going on? Who was Lancaster Herald? What was his mission?

Find out more about the situation at Pontefract in this video…

Also on this day in Tudor history, 21st October 1532, King Henry VIII left his sweetheart, Anne Boleyn, behind in Calais while he travelled to Boulogne to spend a few days at the French court with Francis I.

They had a bit of a bromance really, with Henry calling Francis his “beloved brother” and Francis instructing his sons to be “loving always” to Henry.

However, Anne Boleyn was disappointed with the situation and you can find out more about what was going on in this video…

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