20 September 1486 – Elizabeth of York gives birth to Prince Arthur

Arthur, Prince of WalesOn this day in history, just “afore one o’clock after midnight” on 20th September 1486, Elizabeth of York, queen consort of King Henry VII, gave birth to her first child. The baby boy was born at St. Swithun’s Priory in Winchester and was baptised in a lavish ceremony at Winchester Cathedral on 24th September 1486.

The royal couple named their first-born child Arthur after the legendary King Arthur whose castle of Camelot was said to be in Winchester.

Click here to read more about Arthur, Prince of Wales, and click here to read more about his christening.

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One thought on “20 September 1486 – Elizabeth of York gives birth to Prince Arthur”
  1. Henry V11 must have been over the moon he had won the crown of England and was married to a beautiful gracious princess, now he had a son and so sure was he of this sons great destiny he called him Arthur after Britains legendary King, he was head of a new dynasty and he must have felt God was on his side after Bosworth and now the birth of a healthy fair son, he envisaged greatness for this boy and probably thought the Tudor dynasty would rule for as long as the Plantagenets, after his birth he then had the elaborate christening ceremony which took place a few days later organised by his formidable grandmother Margaret Beaufort, the birth appears to have been an easy one and Elizabeth had shown she could produce healthy babies, the tragedy of his early death lay far in the future and at this moment in time it was a happy glorious occasion, so happy birthday prince Arthur, you were taken too soon.

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