18 January 1486 – Marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York

On this day in history, 18th January 1486, King Henry VII united the Houses of Lancaster and York by marrying Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.

In “The Crowland Chronicle Continuations: 1459-1486”, there is the following record of the marriage:

“…after the victory of the said king Henry the Seventh, and the ceremonies of his anointing an coronation, on the last day but one of the following month, by the hand of the most reverend father, Thomas, cardinal archbishop of Canterbury, and in due conformity with the ancient custom, the marriage was celebrated, which from the first had been hoped for, between him and the lady Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of king Edward the Fourth. This was duly solemnized, at the instance and urgent entreaty of all three of the estates of the realm, in the presence of the Church, on the eighteenth day of the month of January, in the year of our Lord, according to the computation of the Roman Church, 1486; a dispensation having been first obtained from the Apostolic See on the account of the fourth degree of consanguinity, within which the king and queen were related to each other.”

The Memorials of Henry VII record what a happy event it was and how people rejoiced “far and wide” because violence and hatred had gone. It also records how it was not long before Jesus Christ answered the prayers of the couple and the people of England by blessing the Queen with a pregnancy, a child who would be the apple of his father’s eye: Prince Arthur.

You can read more about Henry VII and Elizabeth of York in my article “Henry VII Marries Elizabeth of York”.

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2 thoughts on “18 January 1486 – Marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York”
  1. Elizabeth of York was such a beautiful lady in looks and nature. It is such a shame she didn’t live to a good age, if she had lived and been a round longer she might have ‘toned’ Henry down a bit with her gentleness.

  2. With so many marriages during this time, a failure…for the bride and groom, this was one of the few that was a truly happy union. Bringing with it a calm about England that handn’t been felt in centuries. When one stands at the Westminster Abby and beholds the truly gifted work of Henry VII, one can’t help but be besotted with a man who used his brains for peace and who sought religious communion with God and himself. Truly I do think he was a Godly king. Such a shame that he did not groom both of his sons equally. Henry VIII had all the potential that had been given him. A good family, kingdom, and Godly foundation.

    I love this site so very much and I am so grateful to its creator! I don’t comment often, can’t believe its another anniversary soon!

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