15 September 1514 – Thomas Wolsey Becomes Archbishop of York

Banner of Thomas Wolsey
Wolsey's banner of arms as Archbishop of York

On this day in history, 15th September 1514, Thomas Wolsey was made Archbishop of York. He had already been appointed Bishop of Lincoln in February of that year and in 1515 he would be elevated to the office of cardinal.

You can read more about Cardinal Thomas Wolsey – his life, rise to power, downfall and death – in the following article:-

Also on this day in history…

  • 1535 – John Atkynson, a priest, writes a letter to Marguerite of Navarre, commenting that “The Queen [Anne Boleyn] said that her greatest wish, next to having a son, is to see you again”. (LP ix.378) See “Margaret of Navarre” for more information on this influential woman.
  • 1589 – Battle of Arques between Henry IV of France and the Catholic League.

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