warror_kings_thumbnailAs I’m the narrator of this online history course from historian and author Toni Mount, I just wanted to let you know that Warrior Kings of England: The Story of the Plantagenet Dynasty has launched today on MedievalCourses.com at a special price of $49 (usually $99).

This new 24 unit course (plus introduction) is completely online and can be done in your own time, so you don’t have to begin it straight away. Once you have paid for the course, you have lifetime access and there is no set start or end date. It is open to everyone internationally.

Here are the details:

What’s included: 12 hours 32 minutes of audio – both streaming and downloadable mp3 files, downloadable PDF transcripts of each lecture, end of unit quizzes, further reading list, and end of course certificate.

This twenty-four unit course explores the intriguing story of England’s longest-reigning dynasty: the Plantagenets. War seemed to dominate the lives of most Plantagenet kings, especially war with their old nemesis, the Kings of France, or else among themselves. When not buckling on their swords for battle, the Plantagenets were passionate, tempestuous and obsessive. In their case, the stuff of fiction is more often fact.

In this user-friendly course with fun quizzes, we explore the 300 years of English history from 1150-1450, from the turbulent civil war of King Stephen’s reign to the beginnings of civil war in the disastrous reign of King Henry VI – yes, history truly does repeat itself. We hear the adventures of Eleanor of Aquitaine; her sons, Richard the Lionheart and bad King John; the Black Prince; John of Gaunt; and Henry V, the hero of Agincourt. As their tales unfold, England emerges from the dark ages to become a vibrant kingdom on an international stage, with the rise of parliamentary democracy and the power of the common man.

Warrior Kings of England looks at the Crusades, Magna Carta, the city of London; revolting barons and peasants; the tragedy of the Black Death, and moments of high drama at the battles of Crécy, Poitiers and Agincourt. Glory or desolation – there’s never a dull moment. Narrated by best-selling author, Claire Ridgway, and written by popular historian and medieval specialist, Toni Mount, this audio course brings to life the battle-scarred Plantagenets, the Warrior Kings of England.

Click here for more information and to enrol.

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