Even though I’ve done many many videos on Anne Boleyn, I realised that I hadn’t done a video with 10 top facts about Anne Boleyn.

Of course, I could share many hundreds of interesting Anne Boleyn facts, after all, Anne Boleyn is my favourite historical character, but here’s ten that sprang to mind.

Are there facts that you find fascinating? Why not share your favourite Anne Boleyn fact as a comment…

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Facts about Anne Boleyn”
  1. Hi Claire. I must say this was really a fun one. We discuss all of these aspects of Anne all year as the time of each approaches but when you do a list like this they are much easier to digest because there’s not a lot of explanation behind each one. Your ‘top 10’ lists may get others interested in her life and wanting to learn the truth about this most interesting Tudor lady. I don’t know if any of this makes any sense. I’ll just end with very enjoyable, do more!

  2. Thanks for sharing all of that Claire! It’s awesome to learn new and interesting things about Anne! I truly appreciate that.
    I personally have to admit that I don’t have just one fact that I love most because my favorite thing about her was her strength.
    The actions she showed many times due to love and strength are what I find most interesting about her.
    I think that when she and Henry first met, she showed her love of being true and faithful by saying no to Henry. That is hugely commendable to me and something I admire.
    I think that later when she was beheaded, although I admit that I don’t know her final words, from what you and others have shared she showed great strength.
    Thank you for sharing these with us. It truly does mean alot. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the great video, as always so informative. One fact I love is that Anne Boleyn was featured in one of the pageants for her daughter Elizabeth’s coronation. It was noted that she had not been really talked about for over 20 years. I think that including her in the pageant showed how Elizabeth felt about her mother.

  4. I enjoyed the video very much, Gail you are correct the second Anne’s head rolled in the straw she became a nonentity, her once devoted husband had her paintings taken down and destroyed, and the stonemasons were at work chiselling out her initials that we’re on numerous royal buildings around the country, yet she was there in all her glory as a life size effigy next to King Henry V111 at her daughter’s coronation, Elizabeth also adopted her mothers falcon badge as her own emblem and had her arms depicted on her table linen, she commissioned a ring which opened as a locket containing her own and Anne’s portrait, and it is often speculated that Elizabeth also inherited some of her mothers jewellery, she was very fond of and generous to her maternal relations and several portraits of the queen were painted, a biography by George Wyatt grandson of the poet who had once loved her was written showing a kindly unbiased view of the wretched queen, and she was hailed as the mother of the reformists, of course to catholic Europe she would always be the whore who had caused the break with Rome, but during her daughters reign her name was spoken of with sympathy and understanding.

  5. Thank you, Claire for your wonderful video as usual very interesting. There are so many things which we want to say or know about Anne Boleyn but putting them in bite sized lumps makes it easier.

    Unusual fact….Queen Anne Boleyn was crowned with the crown of Edward the Confessor or rather the latest version of it which is only used to crown the Sovereign, not his consort. As far as I know she was the only consort to wear this,crown. This was to dispel any talk of her not being the legitimate Queen, his legal wife or that she wasn’t worthy of the honour. A coronation is a transforming mystical moment when the King or Queen were believed to cease to be a mere mortal human being and became almost divine. Henry made certain Anne had all of that assurance and that everyone knew she had the same powers as Katherine and maybe even more.

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