Henry Percy – sweetheart of Anne Boleyn

On this day in Tudor history, 29th June 1537, just over a year after the execution of his former sweetheart, Queen Anne Boleyn, Henry Algernon Percy, 6th Earl of Northumberland, died at around the age of thirty-five.

Percy had been ill for some time, and had actually collapsed after he sat in judgement on Anne Boleyn and her brother, George, in May 1536. But who was Henry Percy and what happened between him and Anne?

I’ve done this video about Percy as part of my “on this day in Tudor history” series…

Also on this day in Tudor history, 29th June 1509, just four days after she had enjoyed the coronation celebrations of her grandson King Henry VIII and his queen consort, Catherine of Aragon, sixty-six-year-old Lady Margaret Beaufort died. Margaret Beaufort was the matriarch of the Tudor dynasty and was an amazing woman, in many ways, yet she is surrounded by myth and it seems fashionable to see her as a religious zealot. But who was this influential Tudor lady? What did she do? Find out in last year’s video:

And if you have spare time today and want to be thoroughly amused, then I’d highly recommend reading the comments underneath my “Did Anne Boleyn survive and is there a new King of England?” video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/RiTn2E6Iqo8. Some of them are so very crazy. Warning: don’t drink tea or coffee while reading them! I cannpt be held responsible for any damage done to electronic devices due to the snorting of liquids.

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