Three Birthdays: Elizabeth, Claire and Natalie

Today, at The Anne Boleyn Files, we celebrate the birthdays of three very special women:-

  • Elizabeth of York
  • Natalie Dormer
  • Claire Ridgway

Elizabeth of York

Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Henry VII and mother of Henry VIII, was born on this day in 1466. Unfortunately, she also died on this day in 1503, on her 37th birthday, from a post-partum infection.

Elizabeth was famed for her beauty, a true English rose, and has also been described, by David Starkey, as “a healer and reconciler”.

You can find out more about Elizabeth of York in the following articles:-

Natalie Dormer

On this day in 1982, actress Natalie Dormer was born in Reading, Berkshire. Happy 29th Birthday, Natalie! Natalie did a fantastic job at bringing Anne Boleyn to life in Showtime’s “The Tudors” and I defy anyone to watch her performance in the execution scene without being moved. I just can’t help seeing Natalie’s face in my head when I think of Anne these days!

Claire Ridgway

It seems rather arrogant to be listing myself with the likes of Elizabeth of York and Natalie Dormer, but I’m proud to share my birthday with those two wonderful women. On this day, in 1971, I was born in Lancashire, England, so today I turn 40 – aaaggghh! – still, it’s nothing compared to Elizabeth of York’s 545!

As it’s my birthday and also Natalie’s birthday, here is my favourite YouTube video featuring clips from The Tudors – enjoy!

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