Today, at The Anne Boleyn Files, we celebrate the birthdays of three very special women:-

  • Elizabeth of York
  • Natalie Dormer
  • Claire Ridgway

Elizabeth of York

Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Henry VII and mother of Henry VIII, was born on this day in 1466. Unfortunately, she also died on this day in 1503, on her 37th birthday, from a post-partum infection.

Elizabeth was famed for her beauty, a true English rose, and has also been described, by David Starkey, as “a healer and reconciler”.

You can find out more about Elizabeth of York in the following articles:-

Natalie Dormer

On this day in 1982, actress Natalie Dormer was born in Reading, Berkshire. Happy 29th Birthday, Natalie! Natalie did a fantastic job at bringing Anne Boleyn to life in Showtime’s “The Tudors” and I defy anyone to watch her performance in the execution scene without being moved. I just can’t help seeing Natalie’s face in my head when I think of Anne these days!

Claire Ridgway

It seems rather arrogant to be listing myself with the likes of Elizabeth of York and Natalie Dormer, but I’m proud to share my birthday with those two wonderful women. On this day, in 1971, I was born in Lancashire, England, so today I turn 40 – aaaggghh! – still, it’s nothing compared to Elizabeth of York’s 545!

As it’s my birthday and also Natalie’s birthday, here is my favourite YouTube video featuring clips from The Tudors – enjoy!

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44 thoughts on “Three Birthdays: Elizabeth, Claire and Natalie”
  1. Claire – The saying is true – Life begins at 40 and my years of the 40s were the best in my life. Hope the same is for you!

    Jenny B

  2. Happy Birthday, Claire! You’re a lot younger than me and have achieved more – good for you! My youngest is 20 tomorrow…time like an ever -rolling stream etc!

  3. Happy Birthday Claire!
    And thank you so much for this beautiful site and the work you put in it.
    Have a wonderful day with lots of gifts 🙂


  4. Happy birthday Claire! And happy birthday to Natalie and Elizabeth of York as well :))

    Forty is not so bad. Trust me on that one ;p

  5. Happy Birthday, Claire! You are a mere babe in the woods–life begins at 40–it really does! and you look lovely and young and you are so full of enthusiasm for life! Celebrate this glorious day and I hope this will be your best year yet! With many, many more to come! Happy Happy Day!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Claire!

    I hope you had and have a wonderful day! Thank you for all the great work you’re doing here!

  7. A very happy and blessed birthday to all 3 ladies, particularly you, Claire. Remember, age is just a number! 🙂 Thanks for all you do!!

    All the best,

  8. Happy Birthday to you three!!! Claire, don’t feel bad about turning 40, today my Dad turned 50!!! Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

  9. Happy birthday, Claire!!!! You are an inspiration to those of us who love the Tudor Dynasty and love to write about it! Hope you had a wonderful day! Best wishes from Minnesota, USA! 🙂

  10. Happy birthday all, Mylady of York, Mistress Dormer and last but not least Mistress Ridgeway! 🙂

    P.S Just one more thing I find it odd that this woman, Elizabeth of York had lost her life on the same day that she had been born, now is that just a coincidence or is that a coincidence!? Also her life ended so short unfortunately due to childbirth, poor woman even though it was not after her first pregnancy so she had been lucky there unlike her son Henry whos third wife Jane who just happened to die giving birth to her first child but still they had both been very young, it is sad. Though thats the times for you, all because there had been no medical profession and the one that existed could not of really have helped due to lack of knowledge and experience plus no medicine was availible and the medicine that they had would not have worked, it would not have even helped, not even one ounce. Its not their fault I know its just the the way thigns were at the times but it is coincidental that Elizabeth Plantagenate died on teh same day that she was born just like her son Henry dying on the same day her husband and henry juniors father was born before him. Mhmm. It makes you wonder.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday Claire! 😀

    Just wanted to tell you how much I love your site and to wish you 40 more royal and graceful years!


  12. Clare, you were born on a good day! I really like the video you posted. Natalie just did such a good job of portraying Anne. And I always admired Elizabeth of York, so this was a good day to be born on.

  13. Happy birthday to Elizabeth, Natalie (whom I absolutely adore!), and of course Claire! You’re absolutely beautiful for 40, so be proud of yourself!

  14. Happy belated birthday Claire! You’re making me feel bad for freaking out over turning 25 haha. But hey, 40 is the new 20, so buy some hot lingerie, expensive champagne and live it up, girl!

  15. Happy belated birthday to all. I also cannot think of Anne these days without seeing Natalie. She did an awesome job & can’t think of anyone better to protray her our precious Anne!

  16. wow i missed this post- happy late birthday! but it gave me a thought-
    that means that not only is natalie dormer distantly related to Elizabeth Woodville but she is also born on the same day as her daughter, another distant relative of hers!

  17. Happy Birthday to all three ladies, all of you share with my Dad too. He’s 66 this year, Eliizabeth would been 547, Natalie is 31 and Claire is 42.

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