You lucky lucky people in the USA! Not only have you had Season 4 aired on TV, from today you can also buy it on DVD. This is also good news for those of you in other countries who have multi-region DVD players.

For those of you in the UK who haven’t heard the latest news from the BBC, the BBC have confirmed that it is expecting to air Season 4 in “early 2011”. Very disappointing for British fans!

You can order The Tudors: The Final Season at, simply click here

Here is the Season 4 trailer to whet your appetite:-

and a Behind the Season video to enjoy:-

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8 thoughts on “The Tudors: The Final Season – Season 4 DVD Now Out!”
  1. Its a real shame the UK viewers don’t know of when we can buy the DVD but today I’ve purchased the season 4 soundtrack from amazon which is very lovely and inspiring i recommend. I suppose it will have to do until season 4 will be aired in the UK. Love your website cant get enough of Tudors facts!.

  2. No we don’t try to find it everywhere there say it did not came in in every store
    not even amazon got it yet

  3. …I am so sorry for all of you in the UK… I was at Target at 10am to purchase my copy 🙂 I haven’t seen even one episode of Season 4 yet so, I am very, very excited 🙂 <<< I am not a fan of this company any longer... Used to be GREAT until they outsourced their customer service department. I am not surprised that they're giving you such a long long release date. I'm sure that you'll track this down elsewhere. I am sending all of my UK friends you a "legion of Tudors season IV angels" :& I am hoping that you are all able to track down your own (reasonably priced) copies before Spring of 2011! Buenos Suerte!

  4. I pre-ordered my copy at Amazon and it will be delivered around the 19th. If only I could get some AB fans to come to Newbury Park, California it would be perfect! Not exactly the happening place in the US, but you could learn to hang out at the mall, drink coffee, and meet my cat, Princess Diana.

  5. It is a shame they made this the final season they could have followed so more Edward , bloody mary, elizabeth Mary queen of scotts and so much more the turdors did not end with henry! I like the show but long for more more more!

  6. The information about shipping has changed since yesterday. It’s now listed as in stock, but requiring an additional 1-2 days to process.I had preordered the DVD set back in May, and thought I’d have to wait for it, but I was just notified that it was shipped this evening.

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