The Tudors Season 4 – The Final Series

Jan20,2010 #The Tudors

Thanks to Emma for pointing out that Showtime had added this trailer for The Tudors Season 4 onto YouTube. It premieres at 9pm ET/PT on Sunday 11th April in the USA but dates for the UK and other countries have not been announced as yet. I assume that the BBC will show it late summer/Autumn – boo!

Anyway, here is the trailer and, yes, that could be Natalie Dormer as it has been rumoured that she makes a comeback in a dream sequence.

It will be interesting to see how “The Tudors” handle the whole Catherine Howard and Thomas Culpeper affair and I’m looking forward to seeing Joely Richardson as Catherine Parr. What are you looking forward to?

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31 thoughts on “The Tudors Season 4 – The Final Series”
  1. I am personally just looking forward to how it is that they plan on ending it all. It was such an epic production with so many plots and subplots, that to see it finish without leaving anything out would be an extraordinary feat. Of course, if I wanted to see it all continue, I suppose that I could have “Tudors Marathon”- you know, watch seasons 1-4 of the Tudors, followed by a movie on Mary I, and then on to Michael Hirst’s Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age, with maybe some “Shakespeare in Love” thrown in there to keep things light… =)

    According to this interview on the Tudors wiki, ( we just might have a good chance of seeing all of H8’s wives in a grand dream sequence. I cannot wait!

  2. what a strange trailer! I though Henry was supposed to have grey hair for series 4? it looks black to me. Maybe they scrapped that? He will stay young forever!!!!?

  3. This looks really good. Sometimes, it really sucks living in the UK.

    But it is kinda silly how Henry is staying about 30 forever. He should be old, fat, and smelly in this one. Not young and gorgeous.

  4. Personally, I’d like the series to continue through the reign of Elizabeth I. That would take us through the reign of Edward VI, Catherine Parr’s marriage to Thomas Seymour (and a subplot about what was/wasn’t going on between him and Princess Elizabeth), the end of the Seymour brothers, the rise of John Dudley and the whole sad Lady Jane Grey affair, the reign of “Bloody Mary” (it would be interesting to see if they would make her more sympathetic than she is usually portrayed), and through to the end of Elizabeth I’s glorious reign! But I know that isn’t going to happen.

  5. I can’t wait for the 4th season! Inaccurancies and all… We would not want to watch the story so much if Henry was portrayed how he really was at this time in his life……

  6. I’m excited but sad at the same time, sometimes I wish they would continue the series into Edward and Mary’s reign just to get a different perspective on them and to see all the little non historic tidbits thrown in for fun. I know that some have made the comment on other sites that Elizabeth has been done over way too many times but still think about how interesting it would be to even throw her in as well with all the drama. I plan on purchasing the series once season 4 is done, and I will definitely miss it.

  7. Too bad it’s the last! But if you want to see Joely Richardson dressed in Katherine Parr’s wedding dress, just have a look at “The Tudors season Four Sneak Peak”, in You Tube ( sorry, i don’t know how tu put the link here), it’s a slideshow, and she appears at the end. Mary’s dress in quite pretty, I think. And there are links with fan made openings of “elizabethan” versions of the Tudors’s opening, for those who like me think they should have gone on with Edward, Mary and Elizabeth.

  8. I am really looking forward to Katheryn Howard and Catherine Parr! I like Joely a lot so I can’t wait to see her in this role! She was great as Marie Antoinette (another favorite queen!) I really can’t wait to see this rumored “dream sequence.” I really can’t wait to see Anne again!!! I just wish they would continue with Edward and Mary. They have such interesting stories too! (The whole Thomas Seymour debacle and Jane Grey!) Well, perhaps later someone will do it…

  9. I would have loved to see this series go all the way through Edward’s and Mary’s reign. I only say this since I feel Hirst did a wonderful job on “Elizabeth” and “Elizabeth: The Golden Age.” Although I do understand the decision to cut off the series with Henry’s death (does he die? just speculating). To me Edward and Mary, as historical people not characters, just don’t have that same charisma and charm that are usually attributed to H8 and Elizabeth I. I am only saying this from my own knowledge base, I know very little of Edward VI and while Mary I is interesting her reign seems a tad dark.

    I love the Tudors, despite all the inaccuracies. But then again I do remember it’s entertainment. Watching the show makes me want to read about the time period, and while it’s not always as stimulating, I always feel more satisfied when I know the truth. I agree fully with Micheal Hirst’s comment:

    “One of the effects of The Tudors has been to drive people back to the history books with renewed interest, and we’re drawing in those who had initially no interest in the subject.”

    I will admit that before the Tudors I had little to no interest in the Tudor monarchs who preceded Elizabeth I. I was hooked after the first episode, and not only that but I wanted to find out more about the period and the people.

    I think the show has successfully managed to entertain it’s audiences for the last three seasons, so I’m betting this last will live up to expectations. I’ll be sad to see it go but in some way I am curious to see how they will wrap it up.

  10. I am thinking just the same as most of you are. On the one hand I am looking forward to seeing that last season, but on the other hand I just don’t want the whole thing to end.
    It’s kinda strange that they named the series “The Tudors” when it’s just about Henry VIII and his wives.
    But all the same I think that the series is really fantastic (although there really are some inaccuracies) and I would really, really, really be happy if it continued after the king’s death.

  11. It will be interesting to see the last season, I’m currently watching season 1 for the 3rd or is it 4th time on DVD, with my girlfriend who is also becoming interested in the real tudors. I’ve often commented that really to call it Te Tudors, they’d have to cover the whole tudor dynasty, right from Henry VII to Elizabeth I. It really would be nice for them to make The Tudors season -1, and show us a young Catherine of Aragon and the battles in France and Scotland and all that. By the way, be interested to know if anyone else has tried to watch the 1970s BBC series about Henry, that had Annet Crosby as Catherine I remember, I’d been told this was better than the tudors, but I rented it from lovefilm and didn’t even manage to stay interested to the end of eppisode 1. Terrible acting I thought. Despite its imperfections, the tudors really is one of the most vibrant pieces of historical TV drama I’ve ever seen. Or rather not seen since I’m totally blind, the TV showings in the UK were audio described, such a pitty the DVDs weren’t. I’m now trying to find some decent historically accurate audio books about Henry VIII and the tudors in general. Not a lot of luck so far. Think I shall cry when they behead poor Catherine Howard, I’m a big softy.

  12. personally, I don’t think the dark haired woman is Natalie Dormer. she doesn’t look like her. But I do hope she’ll come back in the last episode for a dream sequence of Henry’s.

    can’t wait for season 4, but I guess I’ll be waiting forever, since I live in Germany and it always takes a while ’till a new season comes to Europe.

    I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ looks and I absolutely wouldn’t care if they didn’t make him look like a fat old swine. it makes it easier for 21st century people to watch the series, and Jesus, there are enough productions with fat and red-haired Henrys.

  13. I am also excited about the new season!!! I love “The Tudors” and secretly hope that they will give us at least a glimpse of Elizabeth’s reign.

  14. I really love The Tudors and I think that Jonathan’s performance has been brilliant. In fact, the whole cast have been excellent. I will really miss the programme when it finishes.

  15. the series up to now has been unbelievable! I have been fascinated with the Tudors since I was a little girl on the island of Malta and my heroine, for some unknown reason has been and will always remain, Anne Boleyn. The series is full of inaccuracies but it`s done in such asophisticated way that you forget about it. Jonathan is unbelievable as Henry. IT´s a pity that the real Henry was not like that because one would have understood his fascination on women. and Nathalie Dormer deserves a place in history for her portrayal of Anne. I am waiting with bated breath for the fourth season but I just can`t understand why they are not carrying on till Elizabeth as she was the last of the Tudors after all. Well done, all and sundry, on the production.

  16. I got hooked on the Tudors when I was recovering from surgery.what a mini series. If you had to follow English history and the Reformation, this is it…. There might be some twists and turns that didnt happen, but so far its pretty accurate. I agree with other comments take it to the next level to Elizabeth I. she was a very interesting character. I have read alot of books on Elizabeth, and most colorful.The dream sequence would be amazing. About Jonathan Ryes Myers, he doesnt age, he stays the handsome king in the whole thing. I did notice in season 3 though, his hair is getting thin. they the makeup artists are combing it straight back and has more facial hair. Was devastated when Queen Jane died. that had to be the saddest episode. he really showed his human side. anyways, love the series and hate to see it end. lets hope it continues. stay tuned.

  17. Just to point out this week’s T.V Times has a picture of Jonathan as Henry and Joely Richardson as Katherine Parr. It actually states that the finall series of the Tudors willl be shown on BBC2 in the spring.. So does this mean we will be getting the last season earlier than usual in the U.K – or is iit a printing error ? – I suppose it is a case of watch this space!!

  18. Ooooh, that would be brilliant if it was airing in the UK soon too. I’ve just emailed the BBC to ask them about it. Thanks for letting me know, Carol.

  19. I cannot WAIT for this. Will be a sad ending!! Would have been nice to carry it on through the childrens reigns!
    What annoys me – i live in England and have to wait until America has seen a series about our ENGLISH history before we can watch it!!!

  20. I know there r many things on TV but The Tudors for me have been the best thing I’ve seen in years and I’ve been waiting for what seems a decade for Season 4! I’m gutted it will be the last and like a lot of you it would have been good to have it follow on. Can’t wait, mmmm Jonathan.

  21. I am a big fan of the tudors especially jonathan Rhys Meyers I think he plays Henry VIII
    really well but he should have had the red hair and beard more than he as in the series
    The tudors is the best Period drama I have seen for ages

    Does anyone know when the Fourth series will be aired on BBC2 in the uk

  22. The Tudors Final Series has already been on in the U.S., April to July 2010. When is it coming on in the U.K.

    All the reports have been proven wrong. Your own report that it would be on in the Spring 2011 is rubbish as has been proved and the other reports that it would be on in January in the US and June in England were obviously wrong. The earliest it has ever been on in England is August/September 2009.
    It is not currently on in Ireland! We get it the same time as BBC Ireland!

    I would have guessed it would have been starting in this September but now September has come and gone sos there is no sign of it yet. So when is it coming?

    Do the BBC have any accurate information to share with us or anyone have any accurate information as all rumours are wrong?

  23. Hi Lyn-Marie,

    I’m not sure what you mean by “your own report that it would be on in the Spring 2011 is rubbish” as I have never reported that. I have only ever reported what the BBC have told me and that is that it has not been scheduled. If you see my recent post on this – – you can read the email that I got on the 15th September 2010 from the BBC Press Office saying that it still hasn’t been scheduled.

    We’re all frustrated by this but I only report what the BBC tell me and not rumours as they aren’t helpful.

    1. There is a post on the BBC FAQs to say that they plan to
      show the Tudors in early 2011, whatever that means. Does anyone
      have any accurate information about the Tudors on British TV. I was
      doing a search before and saw it had been on BBC America who
      brought the rights to it early in Dec 2010, and they showed the
      first 38 episodes in one day! I think my head would spin off if I
      watched that many episodes one after the other. Watching the whole
      of Season 3 last Christmas Day 2009 was bad enough! But the fact
      is, it seems to have been on everywhere but here and then we do not
      even get to by the DVD either. When I pre ordered mine the release
      date was mid November, obviously assuming that it would be on our
      TV in the Autumn. Now there is no release date for the European/UK
      DVD of Season 4 as it has not even been on our TV. I would suggest
      that all information about when it will be on is a load of rubbish
      and that everyone including me should give up! I have managed to
      watch most of the last season in bits and pieces through You Tube
      and other vidoes on the WEB but it is not the same as sitting down
      and watch the series in comfort, and in decent quality. My message
      to the BBC is stop putting rubbish on and put on something we the
      licence payers actually want: the Tudors would do for a start. My
      message to anyone waiting to put watch the Tudors is to either try
      and follow links to good quality on line video to watch or download
      or to tell the BBC you are not paying your fee until they put it on
      and then to stop paying and put a huge banner in your window that
      declares this. Lets hope that someone out there is watching and
      gets the schedule moved forward.

  24. Well, l’m not sure what to think. I am visiting my family in Boston, where one of my cousins mentioned the final series of The Tudors had been shown earlier in the year. As the first series had aired well before it did in the US l thought this could not be, but hey, it’s true. Come on BBC, what are you thinking of, it’s our history. I goin email the beeb and have a good old moan. Time to get off my soap box. Mmmmm Mmmmm

  25. The lady in the trailer is not Anne Boleyn/Natalie Dormer and , according to the BBC website, Tudors series 4 is due to be aired on BBc in early 2011. Far too far away. 🙁

    1. Will be aired starting Sat Jan 22nd 2011 at 9:45 pm. I saw them all in Canada (produced by CBC in Ireland) – brilliant – enjoy

  26. I watched it on Netflix, but was actually disappointed that they ended the series after Henry.
    Would love more indepth programming of the reigns of Edward, Jane, Mary and, of course, Elizabeth.

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