The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Queen's Diamond JubileeAs a very proud British citizen, I just want to draw attention to the fact that today marks Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee, the 60th anniversary of her accession. On this day in 1952, Princess Elizabeth was told by her husband that her father, King George VI, had died and that she was Queen Elizabeth II. It was obviously a terribly sad day for the 25 year old but she had to put grief to one side, she was now the monarch.

Fast forward 60 years and the Queen, who is now in her 80s, is still following a busy schedule, a schedule which many of us younger people (am I young??) would find exhausting. Whatever you think about the British monarchy, she does an amazing job and Christmas Day just wouldn’t be the same for me without the Queen’s speech.

The BBC News website has a video of the report from 1952 of her accession – When Princess found out King had died – and the official website of the British Monarchy has the Queen’s official Diamond Jubilee photos, her jubilee message and lots more, see

There is also a special Diamond Jubilee website – see and there is a selection of royal videos on the British monarchy YouTube channel – Have fun browsing!

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10 thoughts on “The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee”
  1. I love the Queen and I’m not a British citizen. But she is so refined and keeps her cool. She is steady as a rock and a real icon. LIke her namesake, she has reigned long and has done a wonderful job. Long live the Queen!

  2. Her Majesty has survived the tumultulous 20th century, and is facing challenges in the 21st that would probably REALLY try someone a quarter her age, and yet she is doing it with considerable courage, determination and grace. THAT, I think, is the essence of a Queen named Elizabeth – her predecessor, Elizabeth I faced many, many challenges as well, and with an equal amount of courage, determination and grace.

    Happy 60th Anniversary from the colonies, ma’am!

  3. Her Majesty has had a very long reign and has achieved a lot during that time. Like the first Queen Elizabeth she has faced a lot of challenges but has met them all with wisdom and courage, and does such an amazing job. Vive la Reine!

  4. Happy Jubilee, Your Majesty! You’ve coped with the most tumultous 60 years of progress and changes than any monarch before you. From radio and black and white TV to digital, cable or satellite TV to the internet, which wasn’t even conceived of. From wars to massive social changes, you’ve serenely carried on. Congratulations for setting a wonderful example, Madam!

  5. It is because I have loved and followed the Queen ever since I was eight years old, that I discovered the Tudors. In my office I have a copy of the Anigoni portrait of Elizabeth II and a poster of Elizabeth I from Madame Tussauds. I took the quiz you posted on Facebook and got 100%. God save Queen Elizabeth, both of them.

  6. Congratulations to Her Majesty. Only a few more years and she will be our longest reigning monarch ever!!
    She certainly has seen many changes, and had to adjust to a more ‘modern’ style Royal family, she’s had to forgo many traditional ways, which must have been very difficult for her when she had been brought up in those time honoured ways.
    Its not a job I would relish, forever in the public eye, and having your every move scutinised, publicised, and criticised
    I personally think she has ruled with dignity, and devotion to her country.

  7. I love he Queen as well. Years ago, she came to Tampa, and I lived on the very route she was taking to MacDill Airforce Base for the Investure. She was in her car wth Prince Phillip right next to her. She was not more than five feet from me as the car passed by at about seven miles per hour. I could not breathe!

    She was so much even before she was Queen. The Princesses Elizabeth and Magaret went into a very, very dangerous London during WWII to help during the bombings in many different roles that took a great amount of courage as they were doing them “during” the bombings, as well as before and after.

    She is also intelligent, and shows, like her mother, a definite “Presence” which never leaves her. To think she is 85….

    I own the video of the coronation in 1953 with Sir Laurence Olivier narrating. I was amazed and shocked that almost eveyone I have “ever” known thinks the Queen’s wave is like screwing in a light bulb, and she never did that. In fact, as often happens, I’v read that I was right and this was just not for the cornonation either, it is just not the way a Queen waves.

    It is almost funny to know that either during after the beheading of Charles I, the government under Oliver Cromwell, or during the reign of Charles II, that a law was decreed that there would never be allowed any Roman Catholics on the throne again.

    Funny how things work out…Happy Diamond Jubilee, You Majesty

    Thank you! WilesWales

  8. it’s also funny how genealogy plays a role as Queen Elizabeh II, although a collateral ancestor to Queen Elizabeth I, but each being descendants of King Edward the III, as have been all the monarchs of England (England and Scotland merged upon the death of Queen Eliabeth I in very early (either the 3rd – of which I think is correct – or the 6th)March of 1603, by James VI of Scotland, and James I of England, have all at their coronations sat in the chair of King Edward III! Also, that Charles and Diana were 16th cousins once removed as Diana was a descendant of King Edward III as well. Thank you again! WilesWales

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