I’m very honoured to be featured on the History Extra website, the official website for BBC History Magazine and BBC World Histories Magazine, with my article on “The final days of Anne Boleyn”.

In this article, I talk about why Anne Boleyn was executed on 19th May 1536, how she was executed and what happened in her final hours, the place of execution, her burial place, and the exhumation of her remains in 1876.

You can read my article at www.historyextra.com/period/tudor/anne-boleyn-death-execution-where-buried-how-die/.

I do hope you enjoy my article, and hopefully it will correct some of the myths surrounding her execution.

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11 thoughts on “The Final Days of Anne Boleyn – My article for History Extra”
  1. This is WONDERFUL!!! I am so glad you are getting Anne’s story ‘out there’ so people will learn the true, rather than the constant myths and fables surrounding her life. What a terrific opportunity.

    1. I’d also like to add that we remember Anne and the terrible injustice she and five men suffered in May 1536 and whilst we remember them let us spare a thought for those veterans who are rightly being honoured this week in the D Day celebrations, and also those who died in the name of freedom.

      1. Absolutely. Thanks to all those who landed in Normandy for your sacrifices in saving the world.

  2. Excellent, well researched, well balanced and a definite contribution to the scholarship on Anne Boleyn and the truth behind her unjust fall. Thanks and congratulations.

  3. Such a moving account of the final days of Queen Anne. Even as a child, although I didn’t understand everything, I always felt that something wasn’t right (watching The Six Wives of Henry VIII with Keith Michelle and Dorothy Tutin as Queen Anne when I was about 8 years old). It’s a great comfort to know the truth though the outcome is so sad. Many, many thanks to you Claire and Tim all your hard work and for everything you have taught us.

  4. I really love your “Tudor Tidbits”! I learn something new all the time and enjoy all the contemporary documentation to the stories.
    I thought I knew the stories about Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn and the rest, but Ive discovered how little I really knew.
    Thank you for sharing and teaching me the real truths behind the names and histories! You have worked very hard to find out the true stories and gone out of your way to share.

  5. Hello,is there any lineage available of Sir Henry Norris,who had been his king’s Groom of the Stool (Henry VIII),and executed 17 May 1536 after accusations of adultery with Anne Boleyn? Today online 21 August 2019 i see refernces to my Norris ancestors traceable to Sir Henry Norris,but am suspect.I live in Virginia ,USA,my people have been here since 1635,Hudson,Norris,etc.Any thoughts?

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