The Coronation of Edward VI

Feb20,2011 #Edward VI

On this day in history, 20the February 1547, the nine year old son of the late Henry VIII, was crowned King Edward VI.

Beth Martin has written a wonderful article on Edward VI, “Edward VI: A Precocious Prince”, over at The History Files – click here to check that out.

You can also find out more about Edward VI in the following articles:-

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6 thoughts on “The Coronation of Edward VI”
  1. Poor little Edward. I think it is neat how in his portraits you can see how much he looked like his mother. (The similarities to her 1537 Holbein portrait are remarkable.)

    1. Yes, indeed Lara. Poor Edward. I feel sorry for him as he had always been in ill halth throughout his life aswell as his reign and had such a short life as a result,and yes the simmilarities between Edward and his mother Jane were indeed infact so simmilar, he rarely looks like his father Henry at all.

  2. The irony of King Edward’s legacy is both delicious and depressing: He was born the coveted male heir, fawned over by father and courtier alike…and yet his neglected sisters are more widely remembered. It makes me want to laugh at King Henry for his harsh treatment towards the mothers of two of the most recognizable Queens of England. And yet I do feel for the boy King, who died before his prime. (And Lara, I do think his portrait is strikingly similiar to that of Jane!)

  3. I had to check just to see how much Edward looked like his mother… and noticed for the first time that they could be twins! Both died before they should have done, too. 🙁

    1. No…Edward did not look like his father. His early portraits are done so he does tend to resemble Henry. His portraits after 1547 show his angular face and high cheekbones. Edward had grey eyes and his auburn hair darkened to brown. Inded he does resemble his mother and uncles.

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